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All my drawings have stories, but I only felt the need to subject you to the stories of my DB illos.
Hope you don't mind. ^^

I drew this the night the last episode of DBZ was aired. I was so emotional about it, I actually took pictures of the TV as the final feather floated down. ^^'

I did this one to sell, but back when I made it, DB was still unpopular among US anime fans. So I still have it. ^^'

If you feel this looks familiar, please check out DB. Vol. 2 page 34.

Another one that no one bought. This one I called 'The Last Namekseijin'. I was intrigued by the idea of this young anti-hero returning, for the first time, to his homeworld only to quickly become the last of his kind.
I did this one to go into AnimeExpo's Anime Reference Guide (the 1993 issue, I think it was), along with the Hitoshi Doi synopses I'd edited. However, the head of publications vetoed this and a bunch of other art I submited because they weren't "line art." Ah, well. ^^'
OK, so this one isn't 100% original, but I really like it. ^^ This is another one I did for the Anime Reference Guide that year.
Another image which isn't 100% my own, but again, I really like this one. At the 11th hour, a friend wanted a DB illo for his newsletter; this is what I did. As I recall, it was for the 3rd episode.
This is the sketch of another one I did for my friend's newsletter, but this one's a comic. They were so cute back then. ^_^
(early 21st Tenkaichibudokai)
A friend and I had been discussing Bejita one day...
Trunks lil' Trunks

I drew these two at the request of one of my students. She asked me for a Trunks but didn't tell me which one. So, I gave her both, after I copied them for myself, that is. ^_^


This is the first drawing I did for my student. She doodled on her (my!) classwork, but only drew heads. She was talented, so I thought it'd be fun to doodle back. With this drawing, I suggested she do bodies, not just heads. I liked this little Goten so much, I made a photo copy.

Okay, I confess; I am a Kuririn and #18 fan. The first illo is part of a fan letter I sent to Toriyama, before I knew that DB didn't end with book 35. I started it around book 30. Just one fan's speculation about the future. ^^ The second was just for fun.
I almost didn't put this one in, but I wanted to blather a bit longer about Piccolo. I've been a Ma Jr. fan since the grumpy green guy first came out of his egg. I thought it was both interesting and funny that Piccolo ended up being in charge of little Gohan, especially considering ol' Pic was only 8, himself, at the time. ^^
Yamucha comic
I found another club comic! This was also done early in the 21st Tenkaichibudokai. We hadn't seen him for a bit, and Goku barely recognized him because of the haircut Buruma made him get. I always thought he had the best hair in DB (except during the Cell saga!), but with Saiyajin hair and all those baldies, there's only so much competition! ^_-

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