Sketchbook Updates


November 27th
I finally got the time to update my gift art section, adding a pic of Pic by my Dragon Ball e-pal in Italy, Fabio. He doesn't have a page of his own, yet, but I'll post it when he opens one. Also, some of you may have noticed, I'm moving my page. The new address is I've also, personally, moved. That is to say, me, I've moved, half way across the country. On top of moving my self and my pages due to insuficcent bandwidth on my server (the sudden popularity of my K&18, DB fanart and Fanart pages maxed out my monthly minimums ;_;), I've had no time for drawing. I hope to have a New Year's Card, the colored Cameo, and maybe something else done before the year's end. Wish me luck.

August 15th
No, I'm not dead, I just took a class that drained the life out of me and then had a million trips and visitors clogging my summer schedule. Also, I'm having problems with my maxed out web site. Anyway, here's a merwoman I did recently. Oddly, she was inspired by #18 from Dragonball (I was working on my mushy Kuririn and #18 page, which has it's own art gallery ^^). I also was inspired by a rather detailed, enthusiastic request. Cameo is a cat character of Cameo Anderson's. I plan to color it eventually. Also new to Sketchbook 2000 is a simple drawing of a girl I thought looked decent and, since I spent so much time on the class, I thought I'd include my project logo.

March 8th
Well, I don't know what possessed me, but I finally redid my sketchbook layout. These colors are more me, I think. It's not all I aspire it to be, but I'd like to think it's an improvement over the old design. I hope you all like it. Please, tell me what you think.

Febuary 16th
Another MAG submission. This one's Kabuki's Phoenix Faerie, Pyralis.

January 13th
I finally put together the old Dragonball comic I've had hanging around. It's about Yamucha's hair.

January 2
My MAG Secret Santa finished my gift art! It's a picture of my characters, Rowan and Ingram. Thank you Justice! I love it! ^___^

I made a Y2K Dragon for my internet New Year's card. You can go here for the full effect. Also, since I'm updating my dragon file, I might as well update my '99 sketchbook, too. I was a Secret Santa for MAG, and I drew Daphne, a Terraqueens character, as my gift. I also took a CG class and though a coupleof my assignments were cool enough to share: mum, iris.
Wha! My best assignment isn't in a format I can use on my PC, so I guess it'll have to wait. That's all for now.

December 2nd
I finally finished the Ayame (the MAG mascot, not the one from Yotoden) illo I've had hanging around for the past month.

October 31st
Wha! Another one month hiatus between updates? ;_; Well, this is a piece of art I did for the Monthly Anime Gaijin. It's of Minmei's characters Arwen and Nasrin. It was supposed to be in color, but thanks to my computer, I twice lost 5 hours worth of coloring effort. So, I only have the line drawing. I don't consider this real fanart, but neither is it original. So, I decided to stick it in both my Fanart Art for Fun and '99 galleries.

Also new to my Sketchbook is a Guestbook. Please visit and talk to me! ^_^

September 29th
To those of you who may actually visit regularly, I apologize for not updating in so long. I haven't been to figure studio since May and I haven't been visiting it regularly since last fall, so all my drawings are getting stiff and losing proportion. >_< So, sadly, I really haven't been drawing much. Oddly, most of the few I have been doing are sappy drawings of couples I'm not too inclined to subject you to. ^^ Despite that, I'm adding a couple more (no pun intended) just to have something new on the page. So, in '99, there are two more couples, first kiss and reunited, plus a uniform, just to give you something unsappy to see. ^^

The real reason I'm updating my page is because Felicia Sant, maintainer of the lovely new site Avepolis, has graciously given me my first piece of gift art! The piece, simply titled 'Elf,' can be found on my new Gift Art page. There's not much new on my page, so go look at hers! ^^

One more thing, if you aren't tired of my ramble yet, I've been considering changing my page: maybe shrinking my thumbnails (not many people click on them to get to the bigger pictures ;_;), maybe changing the layout and background, making more things fit on one page... I dunno'. Anyway, this involves you all because I'd like to know what you think. Is it a case of 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' or should I succum to web society's pervasive need to constanly update and change things? Please, if you have an opinion, let me know.

June 16th
It's been a dry month for me, but I managed to crank out my first submission for a 'monthly.' I did a colored Yamato illustration for Monthly Anime Outcasts to celebrate Yamato's 25th anniversary (also known as Star Blazers in the US). It was rushed, but I don't plan to do more with it. ^^;
I also finally dug up the second half of a piece of fanmail I never sent. It's a silly little Yoroiden Samurai Troopers (Ronin Warriors) illo. They'll be the first updates for the Fanart section since the page went up.

May 13th
I've recently done a centaur which you can find in the '99 sketchbook.

May 3rd
For the first time since Feburary, I finally have access to my site!!!
Wahoo!!!! *_* Here's what I've done in the interim that's worth showing:
I've got a pair of new dragons. The one on a hillside is the prototype for a piece of gift art I did for a little con in Maine. The other is one of a pair of buddies. I hope you all like them.
I binged on Tufkin drawings from my dimension story.
There's also a new picture of Anne from my sports story.
And, naturally, I have some new additions to the '99 sketchbook:
For everyday stuff, there is a girl and her horse, a guy fishing. and someone in a storm.
In the fantasy realm, I have a couple, an attempt at a perspective shot and a water fairy.
I did a so-so piece of gift art for Lavender-san, a friend who has a gallery of my art on her site.
To round off the randomness, there is a sketch of a young woman, a woman singing and one walking in the woods.

January 28th
ride, the first image in the sketch file for '99
Most of my best sketches in '98 were for spacific stories. As a result, I didn't have many images in my sketch file for '98. I didn't like that, so I dug through my sketchbook to find a couple of images to round out the file. I chose dancing and doctor.

January 25th
a new dragon in Dragons

January 4
a new dragon in Dragons

December 23
a new image in '98

December 6
a new merman on the Merpeople page
dance in '98

October 23
another sketch on the Sports story RhythmicGymnastics Sketches page

October 22
another sketch on the Sports story RhythmicGymnastics Sketches page

October 21
A new sketch and character on the Sports story RhythmicGymnastics Sketches page

October 13
tune2, a sketch of Randin from Archepliago
Tufkin's tribe on the Dimension story Sketches page
ride in '98