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This is a collection of anime shopping information I put together for friends of mine. I hope other people will find it useful, too.

**Updated 9/4/13: due to the dated quality of my information and insufficient space for map images, I have closed my part of the guide**


Although I would hope things have changed, when I was in Japan many shops which sold used, non-AV products, such as Mandarake, did not accept credit cards.

All Mandarake will expect you to check your bags into a locker or at the door, so be sure you have your money and lists separate from the bulk of your stuff.

Always keep in mind the difficulty of carrying and transporting your purchases and plan for it. Although Mandarake and a few other shops have shipping services, they are for domestic shipping only. Since few regular post offices ship large, insured international packages, try to locate a main post office before you have 20 kilograms of manga to haul around. For information about shipping out of Japan, please visit my Mail page.

Just because no holidays are listed for some stores, don't think that means those stores will be open every day. The smaller the store, the more likely it will be closed arbitrarily and on holidays. The larger the chain, the less likely it will be closed arbitrarily and on holidays.

For travel advice, useful Japanese, and information on eating-out in Tokyo and Japan, please visit my Japanese page.


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