eki: station eki
densha: train
chikatetsu: subway
~sen: ~line (ex: Yamanote-sen, Keio-sen, Tobu-sen, Shinkan-sen)
~guchi: ~ gate/exit (ex: minami-guchi, higashi-guchi, chuo-guchi)
~gawa e no tsuro: passageway to the ~ side (of the station)
kippu uriba (jido): ticket machine
torikeshi: cancellation button on a ticket machine
yobidashi: service button which calls a station attendant to help you at the machine
ni mai/futari: the ticket machine button which gives you 2 tickets of the same price
chizu: map
jikokuhyo: schedule/timetable
seiriken: numbered bus ticket
keito bango: bus route number
basu noriba: bus terminal
basu tei/teiryujo: bus stop
takushi noriba: taxi stand
koin rokka: coin locker
machiaishitsu: waiting room
owasuremono uketamawarijo/toriatsukaijo: lost and found
annaijo: information, look for a green and white sign with an 'i' on it
midori no madoguchi: place where you get ticket reservations, look for the green and white sign


I put money in, but no ticket came out.
Okane o ireta desu ga, kippu ga demasen.

I forgot my bag.
Kaban o wasuremashita.

Where is the passageway to the Keio(line) side of the station?
Keio-gawa e no tsuro wa doko desu ka? *

Where is the bus treminal?
Basu noriba wa doko desu ka? *

Is there a bus stop nearby?
Kono hen ni basu no teiryujo ga arimasu ka. *

Does this bus go to Kyoto station?
Kono basu wa Kyoto eki e ikimasu ka? *

Please tell me when we get to Kinkakuji.
Kinkakuji ni tsuitara, oshiete kudasai.*

Please take me to Tokyo Tower.
Tokyo Tower, onegai shimasu.

Please stop over there.
Asoko de tomate kudasai. (point)

Here is fine.
Kono hen de ii desu.


Remember: don't tip taxi drivers or anyone.
Doors on taxis open and close automatically.
Shibuya station is hellish; expect to get lost.
Buses are usually late, especially when it rains.
Some buses use seiriken, some are one price for any destination.
All day bus passes are available at Kyoto station for 500Y and their foreign information center (enterance on the east side of the Kyoto tower building) is wonderfully helpful.
Be sure to buy your return tickets from Comiket *when you arrive* so you don't have to wait on the way back.
When looking at schedules, be careful about possible differences on Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays.
The JR rail pass works on some buses and ferries.
The food in the platform bento shops on the Tokyo station Shink platforms is very good.
Be careful about which kind of ticket machine you use; some are for norikae tickets.


* Phrases which would be more polite if you begin them with "Sumimasen".