Japanese Files Updates

9/5/13: Removed all the outdated information and updated links, other than the ones below.

10/14/99: MAPS page with links to TOKYO and KYOTO central maps and a Map Bibliography

10/13/99: Feedback page for the Anime Shopping Files, updates in the Tokyo Anime Shopping Guide

8/2-6/99: nine maps for the Kyoto Anime Shopping Guide

6/9-6/10/99: new listings in the Kyoto Anime Shopping Guide

1/1/98: Comiket site link in ADVICE

12/15/98: information on Eating-out in Tokyo and Eating-out in Japan

12/8/98: more anime shopping information and maps of Harajuku and Shimo-Kitazawa

12/3/98: anime shopping cross reference for Tokyo and a list of general Japanese terms

12/2/98: anime shopping map of Ikebukuro and Akihabara.

11/21/98: more anime shopping information and a map of Shinjuku and Shibuya

10/30/98: the terms for north bound Shinkansen

10/2/98: new image links in Travel Advice