Blurb for a restaurant:

Escape the bustle of Fifth Avenue and explore an oasis of vibrant Moroccan beauty while indulging in classic French fare. Be transported by the rich décor to a romantic world where the simple luxury of bistro cuisine will be thoroughly enjoyed. Relax in a setting that is at once exotic and cozy. Bazar Bistro welcomes you for a delightful respite away from the everyday. Come and experience pleasure.

Blurbs for graphic novels:

Anthology blurb:
From Yumi Tamura, creator of Basara, comes a suspenseful trio of short stories. First, Psychic Squad Wild Com finds its lead character struggling with denial of her psychic abilities, powers that could spell life or death for those around her. The Beasts of June is a poetic tale of urban violence, of two free spirits caught in corruption's heartless grasp. Finally, The Eye of the Needle provides a shocking thriller wrapped in the guise of a fame-twisted romance. Tough, intense, and gripping, Wild Com offers three distinctly different tales from the master of shojo action.

First volume of series blurb:
In a post-apocalyptic world, a blind prophet predicts, "This is a child of destiny, one who will grow to lead the people and be the light in the sky of our nation's future." With the tyrannical Ukon XV ruling through his ruthless sons, a better tomorrow can only be achieved by means of strife and bloodshed. When the "Boy of Destiny" is killed, it is up to his twin sister to take up his sword and fulfill the prophesy of their birth. Sarasa must lead her people in her brother's name or all will be lost.

Series blurb short:
Tokyo is in shambles. With Subaru missing and their Dreamseer's predictions foiled, the Seven Seals have decided to roam the city in pairs. Arashi and Yuzuriha must fight for their lives defending Inogashira Park against the Harbinger Satsuki and her monstrous computer, "The Beast," while Kamui and Sorata uncover the horrible truth behind Princess Hinoto.

Series blurb long/two part:
Are the woes of the present meant to be endured for the promise of a better future or to atone for past wrongs? In a captivating epic of love, fate and faith, seven young people must struggle with this spiritual puzzle as their alien past lives threaten the future.

After young Rin's psychic battle with fellow moon dreamer Haruhiko, Rin's injuries gave him plenty of time to dream of his past life as Shion, the alien moon base's socially dissonant engineer. Now that he's awake, Rin's personality has become muddled. Shion's obsessive drive to save the Earth conflicts with Rin's need to hide his abilities and intentions, causing emotional trauma to those around him. Worse, Haruhiko's allies, Tamura and Mikuro, have found Rin, so he must stay focused instead of recovering peacefully from his wounds. How much can a little boy take?