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What have I written?

I have more recently written restaurant reviews for Examiner.com and a blurb for Bazar Bistro.

Jason Thompson's translated manga (Japanese comics) encyclopedia, Manga: The Complete Guide, includes five of my articles. I do not have permission to republish those here.

My primary writing venue was VIZ LLC's comic anthology, Animerica Extra, for which I wrote more than 100 articles over the course of six years. Extra published various translated manga in chapter installments. The underlying article themes were to inform readers about Japanese culture and to generate enthusiasm for manga in general, especially famous untranslated manga. There were two basic article types: feature articles and In Depths.

Feature articles ranged from 1000 to 2500 words. Topics included introducing and reviewing careers of famous authors, exploring themes or collections of related works, and examining cultural elements. To review features I have permission to reproduce, please visit the Features page.

In Depths were 600-word articles that introduced not-yet-translated manga titles. Preferring enthusiastic reviews, the editor allowed only those who enjoyed a title to write about it. To review published In Depths I have permission to reproduce, please visit the In Depth page.

My secondary venue for writing was Animerica, the elder sister of Animerica Extra. Where Extra was primarily manga-oriented, Animerica was mostly anime-oriented, focusing on Japanese animation, especially titles that had been translated into English. Most of my work for Animerica involved introducing or reviewing specific series and ranged from 1000 to 5000 words. To review articles I have permission to reproduce, please visit the Animerica page.

I also wrote extremely condensed reviews of untranslated manga titles for the U.S. version of the comic anthology Shonen Jump. To view a list of those articles, please visit the Manga Explorer page.

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