Substantive editing and copyediting samples are available here and here.

Traditional, substantive editing:

"Beyond Names and Forms: The Stories of White Bear, book II," by Wiley D Harwell

"The Buccaneer of Nemaris," by Justin Delzer

"The Buccaneer of Nemaris: Of Forests and Friends," by Justin Delzer

“Innocent Criminal,” by Patty Collins-King

"Letters to My Son, Second Edition," by Mitch Carmody

"Lucky Luke’s Hunting Adventures: The Swamp," by Kevin Lovegreen


"Lucky Luke’s Hunting Adventures: Turkey Tails," by Kevin Lovegreen


“Memories and Musings,” a memoir by Mary Lee Dayton


"My Sometimes Pal," by Patricia Harte-Naus


“Nothing More, Nothing Less,” by Ashley Dukart

"A Rustic's Journey to the 21st Century," by James M. Daughton

“Scholarly Pursuit of Nursing Science: One Nurse’s Journey,” by Dr. Floris King

Series translation editing:

"Basara," volumes 1-17

"Brocken Blood," volumes 1-3

"Chicago," volumes 1-2

"The Girl Who Runs Through Time," volume 1-2

"The Good Witch of the West," volumes 7-8

"Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai," episodes 1-26

"Moe Hime," volume 1

"Monochrome Factor," volumes 4-8

"Penguin Revolution," volumes 5-7

"Please Save My Earth," volumes 1-14

"Solitary Gourmet," volume 1

"Steam Detectives," part of volume 6, volumes 7-8

"Tears of a Lamb," volume 4-5

"Tower of the Future," volumes 10-11

"Tsumanuda Fight Town," volume 1-5

"Venus in Love," volumes 3-6

"Wild Com."

"X," volumes 10-18



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