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Linda, Ken and Dragonar

Since the only Dragonar reference on the Anime Turnpike was in Italian, I felt I should say a few words about the show. Though Dragonar had all the elements of a great story, it did not live up to it's expectations and was ultimately an unspectacular series. It had great mecha designs, characters and animation, but what really hooked viewers into watching, initially, was the amazing opening credits. Premiering in 1987, Dragonar was, for the most part, the last mecha show of the mecha show era; it was no holds barred when they did this show's opening. The music, animation, and the timing between the two were all spectacular. This show's first opening was and remains one of the best opening sequences ever. Though the beginning's a bit choppy and there seem to be some contrast problems, you can see and hear 60 seconds of the opening on MD, the Italian's, Dragonar site. It's 4.7 megs, but if you're a mecha fan, it's worth the wait!

If you're actually interested in learning about the series, it seems you can download zipped synopses from SUNET's Dragonar Index.

One other item worth mentioning, Dragonar is one of the only anime shows to ever have a character of African decent as a primary hero. Not only was Tap one of the three main pilots, but he was also clever enough to have the least bumpy relationship with his heroine, Rose. Being a romantic, I always liked those two best. ^^

Tap at Rose's sickbed
Sorry it's not a color image and just a so-so pic, but this is the only one I could find with them together. ^^'