Dear Patti,

        Thanks for checking out the site!  We hope you liked it, and it's always great to see enthusiasm out there.  A few caveats about fan pages, however, because we want to make sure people understand how the law pertains to them, and also that no one gets in trouble for innocent, helpful intentions. 
Basically, by law, using any copyrighted material without permission or approval is illegal.  This includes sound files of copyrighted music, images and likenesses, lyrics, and so forth.

    About music files, Toshi's parent label, Sony, has strict policies, and if they catch anyone posting illegal files, they will prosecute.  As for images, posting album covers is OK, but posting other copyrighted likenesses is not.  In terms of lyrics, if anyone wants to post lyrics they need to get in touch with the artist's publishing company and seek approval; if approved, they may also be subjected to a usage fee. Translations of lyrics must also be approved by the publisher.  Any other use of lyrics is illegal. 

In terms of linking a page to Toshi's official website (that is, us), we ask that all links be made to the following web address: for now.  It's simply the first page of the English site.  In a few weeks, we'll be setting up a banner links page to which you can link your site, and have ready access to other fans' sites.

    It sounds kind of harsh, right?  Well, we want to make it easier for you guys, because we certainly don't want you to get discouraged by record labels, publishers, etc .  What we're doing now is putting together a bunch of officially-sanctioned materials that fans can use with no hassles, including music, lyrics, photos, videos, bios, press releases, and so forth.  You'll be able to get it from us, use whatever you like, and it'll get updated, and everything will be of high quality, including sound files.  It should be available soon.

    So please, be careful about your sites.  Hold off on the lyrics, translations, and sound files.  We don't want to see fans get in any kind of trouble.  We'll have that package ready soon enough.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us!



The Jammin' Staff