There are a lot of lyric pages out there. This is a collection of pages which have more songs than my page and are not series spacific. For more pages than these, go to the Anime Turnpike's Music and Sounds Page.

the coolest anime music site on the net, anime radio 24 hours a day!

Anime Is It! Lyric Fair
nice selection, translations,

Anime Lyric Page
large selection, but hasn't been updated recently
*currently inaccessable*

The Anime Lyrics Encyclopedia
takes a long time to load, but has a ton of stuff and translations
*currently inaccessable*

AniMe Song Lyrics Homepage
a decent selection of series and an almost exhaustive collection of their songs, translations, too
(pop-ups and frames)

Bonsai's J-pop Pages
A page with an amazing J-pop music search engine.

Kamui K's Lyrics Page
nice variety, but it has pop-ups

Mahamari's Anime/Games Music Lyrics & Translations
some J-pop, too

MD -Anime Page-
don't let the Italian on this page fool you, it's loaded with lyrics in perfectly good romanji
fast, clean, highly recommended

Project Anime Anime Song Lyrics

Sailor Bacon's Anime Song Lyrics Headquarters
lots o' transcriptions, may take some time to load up the homepage, J-pop and video game tunes, too's Anime and J-pop Lyrics
a decent selection, plenty of J-pop

Anime InfoStation's Anime CD Database and J-pop CD Database
up and coming site for detailed CD info