Song Files Updates

November 10th
I'm outta here! Mindspring's quality has be going downhill ever since their merger with Earthlink. Besides finding hundreds of alien, non pages filling my www space, I keep maxing out my account's monthly bandwith limits. I've outgrown my server, so I've moved to One of my excuses for no updates lately is that I've been moving my site, so all my free computer time's used by that. But also, I've physically moved -halfway across the country no less- and my CDROM broke at the end of August. I've bought a new one, but I can't get my computer to recognize it. Naturally, the driver's on a CD and HP doesn't offer a downloadable driver. >_< Anyway, I hope to get that straightened up this month and add a few more songs by X'mas. Thank you all for your patience and patronage.

Please update your bookmarks!

August 27th
No, I'm not dead; I'm just insanely busy. I picked up the CD single of the Lodoss TV series opening at Otakon. I finally got some freetime and wanted to share. The opening, Kiseki no Umi is sung by Maaya Sakamoto of Escaflowne fame. I also did the great b-side song, Active Heart. I'll try to find links to the music when I can. Also, I've had a bunch of email about the song I translated- Boku de Aru Tame ni
. Turns out it's NOT from El Hazard, but a song from You're Under Arrest. Sorry for the error, but I never owned a copy of the song in the first place! ^^' I'll be moving soon (me, not this site ^^), so I've been and will be kind of out of it. And no, I still don't have MP3 capabilities for the Yamato Takeru songs. I'll post when I do.

April 4th
Double 4s!? An unlucky day, to be sure, but finally a new song! HEART OF SWORD by T.M. Network, the third Ruroni Kenshin ending, one of my favorites.

Thanks to the generosity of's Marisa Price, I now have enough room for a couple of MP3s. I have received so much feedback for complete versions of the Yamato Takeru songs Flower of Desert and Twilight Songs that I intend to post them as soon as I can make some. In the meantime, another Yamato Takeru music enthusiast has shared his resources with me. Ken Wong, from Hong Kong, is planning to post MP3s of two songs from the (a?) Yamato Takeru album: FLY HIGH, sung by the voice actresses Yoshiko Kamei the famous Megumi Ogata, and Far away -Kimi to-
sung by Maki Kanai. I'll post a link to his page as soon as it goes public, but until then, I have the lyrics.

January 19th
FINALLY!!! Finally, I have a place to put the two music clips I've had for so long! I don't care if you've never heard of Yamato Takeru, if you have the ability, you have to listen to my MP3 music clips! For a 593K, 75 second clip of the beautiful Twilight Songs, go here. For a 373K, 47 second clip of the powerful and vibrant Flower of Desert, go here. If people want to hear more, maybe, now that I've found the room, I'll put the whole versions up. Let me know!

January 10th
Well, the holidays were busy, so I didn't do much for my site. Anita helped me review a couple of my translations: Yume Iro Chaser and Kaze no Tani no Nausicaa. (Thank you, Anita!) Also, I've made a New Year's card I'd like to share with all the people who visit my site. For those of you who are interested, please go here. Happy New Year to you all!


November 9th
Wow! Two songs in the same month! ^^' Summer Eyes is a Toshinobu Kubota song. I even found a WAV clip of it on the web. To listen to 36 seconds (390K) of this man's lovely voice, just click here. ^___^ How can I manage to transcribe lyrics when I have tons of real work to do and deadlines breathing down my neck? Because I LOVE this guy! ...OK, so I'm procrastinating, too. But he sings the best love songs and most of his stuff is really upbeat. His work is diverse with an enjoyable funky tone to a lot of it. Did I mention he's super cute on top of having a silky smooth voice? ^^ I also dug up WAV samples to a few other Kubota songs. Just click on the titles to hear them:

LaLaLa Love Song (40 seconds, 439K) *One of his biggest hits, a must hear*
Nigi no Grandslam, from H2 (31 seconds, 337K) a super fun song
BODY-CAUTION (41 seconds, 440K, currently untranscribed here)
Thank you SME Records for the site where I found these clips! *_*
I also found his Official English Homepage which has Real Player samples of some of his latest songs! I may still be bummed about his cutting his hair, but who can resist that voice? ^^

November 3rd
By request, the lyrics for 1/2, Ruroni Kenshin's second opening.
And if I may whine just the tiniest bit, boy what a hard song! There was even a missing word in the original Japanese for this one!

October 7th
Oh my gosh! I hadn't realized how long it had been since my last update. No wonder my hits have been dropping!
Anita has once again helped me with my translations, plus a new net friend got me searching for new music links. My Yamato Takeru Song Files now have translations for the Naoko Hamasaki songs Flower of Desert and Twilight Songs. The first one is a very powerful song; the second is quiet and beautiful. I hope to have MP3 samples available someday, when I find a place to store them. Also new to the Yamato Takeru page are links to the lyrics and real audio versions of the first opening and ending songs: Manatsu no Tobira (Door to Summer) and RAIN by GLAY. For any of you GLAY fans out there, Manatsu no Tobira was the group's debut single!

On another subject, I've been considering changing the layout and design of the page, though all of my ideas so far will cost more memory, which I don't have. ^^' Does anyone have a problem with the page the way it is? If it ain't broke, should I bother fixing it? Please, let me know.

September 3rd
YEA!!! My translator friend, Anita, finally had enough spare time to go over some of my humble translations with me! So now, not only do I have a few more translations, I also can launch my Translations Page and my Ribon no Kishi page! YEA!!! ^___^
By request, translations of DanDan Kokoro Hikareteku from DBGT and Boku de Aru Tame ni. from El Hazard. Personally, I think the title is probably "Boku Dearu Tame ni" but I don't actually posess the lyrics in Japanese. Someone sent me the transcription and asked me to translate it (even though I don't really do translations, 'cause if I could, I'd be making $ at it) and then that person's email address didn't work any more. Whoever you are, here's your song.


September 1st
I've finally finished up the last two Gundam Wing songs I have: Hoshikuzu no Senshitachi and RHYTHM EMOTION. Yea! One more CD finished! ^___^ Now if only I can get that Kenshin CD wrapped up... ^^'
Oh, and I've hopefully gotten into the Gundam Union Ring; we shall see. ^^

August 26th
You are my Energy, the second ending from F, last of the F themes, no translation, yet

August 25th
LOVE AFFAIR, the second opening from F, sorry no translation, yet
Oh, and at some point, I joined the Detective Conan Web Ring and forgot to mention it ^^'

August 23rd
The transcription plus translation of Jama wa Sasenai, the first ending from F

August 18th
F is one of my all time favorite shows, but since there are few US fans (and I know most of them), I've always passed by this show's songs in favor of other tunes. Well, since there's an article about the series that's recently been published, I decided it was finally time to put together a page for F. Naturally, the first song I've transcribed is F. This comes with a translation by Charles McCarter. Please give this song a look, it's quite amusing.

August 12th
Geez! Has it been a whole month? The last of my summer company lent me a song I've always loved but could never find. Yume Iro Chaser is the first opening to Dragonar. Though, deservedly, the show was never a hit, its first opening sequence was and remains one of the best of all time, and one of the reasons is the music. I can't show you the opening, but maybe one day I can share the song. Until then, all I have for you is the lyrics of yet another obscure show from the past. ^^

July 12th
Well, with FRIENDS and ONE WAY LOVE, I've finally finished off every Romantic Mode song I own. One group down, half a dozen to go! ^^'
Plus some minor updates in the Song Files Cross Reference.

July 6th
A new Toshinobu Kubota song: Niji no Grandslam from H2
Plus, a new link in the Song Links page: the coolest anime music site to hit the net ever, Anime Alberta Radio, anime radio on the net!

May 27th
Joined the Nausicaa Webring and added another ROmantic Mode song: Don't Stop Loving You.

May 9th~14th
Added lots of links to translations, sound files and more lyrics to various song pages plus added some more to the Cross-Reference page. For J-pop fans, the Bonsai's J-pop Search I've linked to my J-pop page is *amazing*; please, try it!

May 6th
Don't you see! from Dragonball GT

May 3rd
After nearly 3 months of computer problems, I finally have access to my site, again. I've done a number of songs during this time, but I haven't had the chance to make pages for them all.
For now, I have added the charming ending to Tsuyoshi Shikkarishinasai,
two Kome Kome Club songs, Aishiteiru and the smash hit Kimi ga Iru Dake de,
plus a Song Files Cross Reference so that people can have access to more complete information about the various groups and singers on my site.
More to come, soon, including a couple of requested translations.

February 2nd
by request, the translation of the song Kaze no Tani no Nausicaa

January 29th
The transcription plus translation of the Ribon no Kishi opening theme

January 22nd
YAWARA! song transcriprions page opened


November 23
Kimi ga Suki da to Sakebitai from SLAM DUNK

November 16th

November 9th
Kirameku Toki ni Torawarete from SLAM DUNK

November 6th
Anata Dake Mitsumeteru from SLAM DUNK

October 20th
Sekai ga Owaru Made wa... from SLAM DUNK

October 8th
Ore Dake no Kotoba de from the Gundam Wing CD "Operation 4"

October 6th
Kaze no Tani no Nausicaa from Nausicaa

October 5th
Mune ga DokiDoki from Conan

October 2nd
Banzai by Ulfuls