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Yamato Takeru Music FAQ

Q: Where can I listen to the Yamato Takeru theme songs on the web?
A: Here! I have MP3 clips of the Naoko Hamasaki songs. Sadly, Glayhouse, which had Real Audio and Video of the GLAY songs Rain and Manatsu no Tobira is closed. Someday, I'll get around to making MP3s for them and the Yamato Takeru album bonus songs, FLY HIGH and Far away -Kimi to-.

Q: Why don't you have MP3s of the complete Hamasaki songs?
A: Because it is illegal to reproduce what little I have. Now that I have the room and I'm fully aware of just how hard it is to buy this music, I may upload complete versions, if I can make them and enough people want them.

Q: I'm having trouble listening to the MP3 clips and Real Audio and Video of the songs.
A: You may have to download WINAMP.EXE and/or Real Player from the web.

Q: What's on the Yamato Takeru BGM CD? Are all four complete songs on it?
A: The CD I have information for is a combination BGM and Drama. It only has an instrumental version of Manatsu no Tobira and two extra songs: FLY HIGH and Far away -Kimi to-. There may be other Yamato Takeru CDs I don't have information about.
For more details, see the Discography section below.

Q: Where can I buy the music of Yamato Takeru?
A: Yamato Takeru aired in 1994. Sadly, the music has been out of print for many years. A shopper's best hope is to find a used copy for sale somewhere (especially in Japan). Apparently, new GLAY CDs can be ordered fairly easily from Japanese music stores. I don't know about the Yamato Takeru and Naoko Hamasaki CDs, but please try ordering the real thing before turning to bootleg CDs. Naoko Hamasaki's themes are also available on a Star Child Selection TV anime theme collection.
To look for anime and J-pop CD dealers on the web, try surfing the Anime Turnpike's
shopping sites. Anime Nation and CDJapan recently had the Star Child Selection 2-CD set, which includes a lot of other great anime theme songs. JpopHelp recently had Glay's Speed Pop.
Though I dislike mentioning it, there are unlicenced (read: bootleg, unauthorized, unofficially released, illegal) CDs of Yamato Takeru and GLAY which have been released by SonMay, a Taiwanese manufacturer. You can occasionally find dealers who carry SonMay products on the web and elsewhere. I do not support SonMay products because the people who made the music don't get any money from the sale of these CDs.


GLAY - second single
Manatsu No Tobira
(first opening), Life~Touii Sora No Shita De~, and Manatsuno No Tobira original karaoke
Platinum Records, PODH-7001, released 6/15/94

GLAY - Debut single
(first ending), + original karaoke version
Platinum Records, PODH-7002, released 5/25/94

Naoko Hamasaki (from the group Replica)
Flower of Desert, (second opening), Twilight Songs (second ending)
King Records, KIDS 205, released 9/21/94

Yamato Takeru Makusenshin(?) Ibun
1. FLY HIGH (sung by Megumi Ogata and Yoshiko Kamei, the voices of Roka and Takeru) 2. Shintenchi e... 3. Kaze no Shonen [Boy of the Wind] 4. Shin Izumo Yuyuki -Roka no Tabi Nikki-[Roka's Travel Diary Part 1] 5. Kyojin Kotan [The Giant's Birth] 6. Wakusei Izumo no Tosogare (?) [Planet Izumo's Twilight] 7. Shin Izumo Yuyuki -Roka no Tabi Nikki-[Roka's Travel Diary Part 2] 8. Oto Tachibana to Takeru 9. Makusenshin(?) Ibun 10. Shin Izumo Yuyuki -Roka no Tabi Nikki- [Roka's Travel Diary Part 3] 11. Susano Daiichi ni Tatsu 12. Kyojin no Ikari [The Giant's Anger] 13. Shin Izumo Yuyuki -Roka no Tabi Nikki- [Roka's Travel Diary Part 4] 14. Takeru no Te-ma [Takeru's theme] 15. Manatsu no Tobira (instrumental version) 16. Far away -Kimi to- (sung by Mika Kanai, the voice of Oto)
King Records, KICA 205, released 7/21/94
Special thanks to Ken Wong for the image which provided me with this information!

There may be other Yamato Takeru CDs.

GLAY - Hai to Daiyamondo

1. Manatsu No Tobira (GLAY VERSION) 2. Kanojo no "Modern..." 3. KISSIN' NOISE 4. Hidoku Arifureta Howaito Noizu Wo Kure 5. RAIN (GLAY VERSION) 6. LADY CLOSE 7. TWO BELL SILENCE 8. Senno Naifu Ga Mune Wo Sasu 9. BURST 10. if~Hai to Daiyamondo~
independent album with Extasy Records, EXC-015, released 5/25/94

1. SPEED POP (introduction) 2. HAPPY SWING 3. Kanojo no "Modern..." 4. Zutto Futari De... 5. LOVE SLAVE 6. REGRET 7. INNOCENCE 8. Freeze My Love 9. Manatsu No Tobira 10. Life~Touii Sora No Shita De~ 11. JUNK ART 12. RAIN
first album with Platinum Records, POCH-7002, released 3/1/95

Star Child Selection Hit Songs on TV
DISC 1: 1. Carnival-Babel (Blue Seed opening) 2. Touch and Go! (Blue Seed ending) 3. What's Up Guys? (Bakuretsu Hunter opening) 4. Mask (Bakuretsu Hunter ending) 5. Zankoku no Tenshi no Thesis (Evangelion opening) 6. Fly Me to the Moon (Evangelion ending) 7. Mirai Katachi Idol (VS Knight Lamune & 40 Fire opening) 8. Yuuki no Inryoku (VS Knight Lamune & 40 Fire ending) 9. Give a Reason (Slayers Next opening) 10. Jama wa Sasenai (Slayers Next ending) 11. You Get to Burning (Nadesico opening) 12. Watashi Rashiku (Nadesico ending) 13. Rinbu-Revolution (Utena opening) 14. Truth (1st Utena ending) 15. Virtual Star Hasseigaku (2nd Utena ending) 15. Breeze (Slayers Try opening) 16. Don't be Discouraged (Slayers Try ending)
DISC 2: 1. Tight-Break (Hareluya II Boy opening) 2. Words of Free (1st Hareluya II Boy ending) 3. Closet Freak (2nd Hareluya II Boy ending) 4. Fine Colorday (Nuku-Nuku TV series opening) 5. Oyasuminasai Ashita wa Ohayou (Nuku-Nuku TV series ending) 6. Infinity (Lost Universe opening) 7. Extrication (Lost Universe ending) 8. Birth (Akihabara Cyber Team opening) 9. Taiyou no Hana (Akihabara Cyber Team ending) 10. Tenshi no Yubikiri (Kare Kano opening) 11. Yume no Naka E (Kare Kano ending) 12. Kimi, Hohoenda Yoru (Steam Detectives opening) 13. Okubyou Emotion (1st Steam Detectives ending) 14. Oasis (2nd Steam Detectives ending) 15. Flower of Desert (Yamato Takeru opening) 16. Twilight Songs (Yamato Takeru ending)
King Records, KICA-497/8, released 1/28/00

(REPLICA - Magnolia
may or may not have Flower of Desert and/or Twilight Songs on it
King Records, KICS-353, released 11/3/94)

SonMay (SM):
I don't think I'll ever stoop to buying anything from this company, but I recognize that most people will take what they can get. Since it's extremely difficult to get this music, I thought I should mention their products. Besides illegal reproductions of most of the above CDs, SonMay has also created a GLAY 'Singles Box' and 'Album Box.'

Special thanks to Glad to be Glay, where most of this discogrophy information and the lyrics to the two GLAY songs come from and to Anime Nation for the Star Child doscography information.