Gundam Wing
Episode 1: The Falling Star She Saw

Those who left the nest of Earth sought new hope in the colonies. However, in the name of 'peace and prosperity', the Earth United Federation, with overwhelming military force, dominated the colonies.

The time is AC (After Colony) 195. The mission is Operation Meteo. Some colonists, in response to the United Federation's aggression, chose to camouflage their latest weapons and send them to Earth. However, this move was anticipated by the United Federation.

A shuttle and five capsules are shown leaving colonies for Earth.


A United Federation listening post is disturbed by 5 unreported objects falling to Earth. They contact the nearest interceptor, commanded by Zechs Merquise. He can tell by their courses that they aren't meteors. Suspecting that they're part of 'plan M', he chooses to intercept the nearest one, the one headed for Eurasia.

The pilot of the colonial mech is preparing for his mission when he notices a civilian shuttle...

In the shuttle, Mr. Dorian, Vice-minister of Foriegn Affairs is returning to Earth with his daughter, Relena. He apologizes for not spending much time with her. "You shouldn't keep such a tight schedule... what's that?" she says, noticing a gleam out the window.

Zechs' approach distracts the pilot from destroying the the shuttle. Zechs was right; the 'meteor' is an 'egg of war', part of plan M. He's confident that the shuttle won't be attached, now that they would see.

The pilot resolutely accepts that the United Federation is already on his trail and makes a steeper decent into the atmosphere. This change surprises Zechs' men; there's no way he could survive! Zechs reminds them that they're likely dealing with new technology.

Relena notices the capsule's decent. "Operation Meteo?" wonders her father, criptically.

The pilot sheds his atmospheric shielding, and we and Zechs' crew get a better look at the new mech, which looks like a fighter plane. Zechs decides to try shooting it down. The pilot identifies Zechs' ship as an OZ mech transport and since his orders are to destroy such vessels, he turns to attack.

Zechs takes his Leo while his men prepare their Aries'. He manages to wing the pilot's ship before his men arrive. They are surprised to see the fighter change into a mobile suit. Zechs' men give his Leo a parachute, then attack The two Aries' are destroyed in one blast. This facinates Zechs, who disconnects the parachute and attacks, immobilizing the mech with his Leo. Then, he parachutes to safety as the two ships plunge into the ocean. His crew have identified the mech. "So that's a Gundam?" wonders Zechs. He assumes the pilot is dead and wants the mechs retrieved, but the local military has already claimed rights to do so. "A military won't last long if it squables over minor distinctions." mutters Zechs.

Reporters hound the Dorians at the spaceport. They are met by some military officers who have a car waiting for the Vice-Minister. He protests on account that he intends to prepare for his daughter's birthday. Relena says, "Don't worry, I can go home by myself."

On the way home, Relena melodramatically bursts out, "Father, it will soon be my birthday!" She pauses. "That is how a normal girl would act..." She is about to turn for home when she notices a person in a battle space suit washed up on the beach and goes for help.

Treize Khushrenada, member of the Lomfera Foundation and leader of OZ, the United Federation's special mobile suit forces, is watching an opera when Zechs reports. "If we'd been in OZ 15 years ago, this would never have happened," says Treize of the development of colonial Gundams. He says he'll send Zechs an underwater squad. "Take care of things for me. We're coming up on an important time and I don't want to upset the United Federation."

At a military meeting, Admiral Septem, leader of the space forces, chastises Treize for losing 3 suits. Treize is unconcerned. "Do you think nothing of the limited resources of the United Federation's military?" demands Septem.

"Are you refering to the men or the mobile suits?"

The meeting continues. 'They are too accustomed to peace. The new era will be made by us, OZ...' thinks Treize with contempt.

On the beach, Relena removes the pilot's helmet. "He's still a child," she says. He wakes up and leaps to his feet, covering his face. "You shouldn't move; the paramedics are on their way."

"Did you see?" he demands.

"See what?"

He hits the self destruct on his suit, to no effect. The ambulance arrives. Dramatically, he attacks the paramedics, steals the ambulance and takes off. "I am Relena Dorian," she says to the ambulance as it speeds away, "And you are?"

The other pilots are introduced as they terrorize the Earth military. "I've destroyed the main motor. Mission accomplished, it's time to slice and dice," says Duo Maxwell in Deathscythe.

"Now that you've seen me, I won't let you get away. My mission was to destroy the spaceport; now, I'll have to destroy everything," says Trowa Barton in Heavyarms.

"Throw down your weapons and surrender and we'll spare your lives," says Quatre Raberba Winner in Sandrock, surrounded by his Maganac squad. Their enemy attacks and he retaliates. "Didn't you hear me; I told you to surrender..."

"I won't skulk about. I'll end this fight soon," says Wufei Chang in Shenlong.

Later, as Zechs makes his way to the crash sight, his crew worry about the underwater squad's tardiness. "Those ships aren't going anywhere," says Zechs. "Here, take a look at this." He shows them photos of a similiar mech batteling warships. Appearantly they intercepted only one of five such ships. "We're lucky; we managed to see a Gundam and live."

As Relena arrives at school, a group of her friends are discussing her absence and recent return from space. Relena's the richest student in school and they're all looking forward to her birthday party, tomorrow. She's greeted by a chorus of 'good mornings as she makes her way to class. Before class, the teacher announces a new student. Relena recognized him as the boy from the beach. He introduces himself as Heero Yuy. "You can sit next to Relena, she can help you with anything you need to know." She is a bit perplexed when he ignores her greeting.

After school, Relena offers him an invitation to her birthday party. He tears it up. Her eyes water in response to his unabashed animosity. As he leaves, he wipes away a tear and assures her, "I'll kill you."

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