Gundam Wing
Episode 2
: The Gundam Called Death

At school, during fencing practice, a friend of Relena's confronts Heero about what he did. Heero breaks his foil with his attack and cracks his opponents mask with the stub. "Next time, I'll do it without breaking it," he says, walking away. This sets the students astir.

Off the coast, Zechs contacts the local Marina fleet Captain, who's been sent to retrieve the disabled Gundam. "Not to intrude, but we've got an underwater mobile suit squad of Pieces and Cancers. May we assist you?" offers Zechs. He uses 'engine trouble' as the excuse for being there and asks for aid. The Captain wants credit for the retrieval and agrees.

At school, Heero is skipping riding class to infiltrate the local military computer. After locating some nearby torpedoes he wants to use, he casually takes care of his tuition and other school technicalities.

Later, while Heero hitches a ride on the underside of a truck and proceeds to steal the torpedoes he needs, Relena rides home. She contemplates the enigma of Heero. "He has a lot of secrets... because I know about them... he'll kill me," she concludes. Her driver laughs it off.

"With these three torpedoes, I can destroy it myself, before OZ gets to it," says Heero as he works.

Near the crash sight, Zechs' ships are preparing to launch. One of the bridge crew convinces Zechs to let him lead the party. As soon as they're away, the crew reports that the Marina mechs are being destroyed. It's Duo in Deathscythe. The Marina Captain decides to bomb the area, regardless that the OZ ship might be destroyed as a result. "Incompetent fool," grumbles Zechs, as they dodge the barrage. He warns his men; the mech they're after might still be active. The Marina Captain thinks he's dealt with the problem, but quickly learns his mistake. "Die," says Duo, as he finishes off the fleet, "everyone who sees me must die."

At the Vice Minister's estates, Relena's party has begun. Mr. Dorian must leave for a meeting. "I'm not so young that I don't understand you're busy. Come back soon." says Relena. As she kisses him goodbye, pictures fall from an envelope he's carrying. She recognizes them as similar to the capsule they saw the other day. The radio reports that the five meteorites that fell to Earth the other day burned up on impact and were not sent by the colonies, as rumored. Relena realizes this is a lie. "If that's so, is Heero the Little Prince...?"

Heero passes his fencing partner on his way to the waterfront with the torpedoes. "OZ has already started to make it's move..." he mutters.

Elsewhere, Trowa joins a circus as a means of moving about without suspicion. He proves his worth by calming a loin. "They don't show their fangs to those who aren't their enemies," he explains. "Animals are sincere this way." His truck carrying his Gundam quietly joins those of the circus.

In the desert, Quatre and his men have set up camp at an oasis. A servant serves him tea and asks how he finds Earth. "It's very, very wonderful," he says, looking back at the reclining Sandrock covered with flamingos. "Even though Earth is this beautiful..."

Somewhere in Asia, Wufei buys a truck big enough to carry his mech.

Back at the party, it's time to blow out the candles. Heero's fencing partner finally arrives and wonders, "Heero isn't here after all... I wonder if it *was* him I saw..." Relena asks and he tells her he saw Heero in an ambulance going along the costal highway, heading for the military port. Relena demands her friends stay behind as she takes off. "Heero, what are you doing?" wonders Relena as she is chauffeured away, "Who are you going to kill?"

Meanwhile, Zechs' team has finally found the Gundam. They're amazed that the mech seemes to be undamaged. "They've made quite a monster," comments Zechs, "but if we can salvage it, we can make monsters, too." As they attempt to retrieve it, the Gundam's self destruct activates. Suddenly, a light bomb explodes and Deathscythe is in their midst. Zechs' man is again amazed; the enemy is using a heat weapon underwater. He manages to lay a few on Duo before he dies.

"So that's what they're after," says Duo, once he sees Heero's Gundam. He realizes it must be like his ship and deactivates the self destruct. Then, carries the disabled ship away for spare parts.

The port is already under attack when Relena arrives. She finds Heero in the process of loading the torpedoes on a sub he's about to steal. "Don't do it," she says upon seeing the torpedoes. "What do you know? Tell me." He continues to ignore her. "Who are you? I want to know. Say something!" He finally turns and pulls a gun.

"You're in too deep. Goodbye, Relena!"

But the shot that rings out hits Heero. It's Duo. "Which ever way you look at it, you're the bad guy," says Duo. "Are you hurt, miss?" But he's surprised to see her going to Heero's aid. Heero goes for his gun and is shot again. Relena gets between them.

"Stop it!" she demands. "What's he ever done to you!?" She binds Heero's wounds with strips of her party dress.

"Makes me look like the villain," mutters Duo. His watch begins to beep. "It'll be here soon; my calculations must've been off..." He ignites a light flare too keep Relena from getting a good look at the approaching mechs. "Don't look!" he advises. "It'd be better for you is you left quickly, miss." Heero uses this opportunity to leap onto the forgotten torpedoes and launch them manually at the approaching mechs. He gets thrown into the air by the torpedoes' launch.

"No matter what, this ends here," he says as he falls. "Mission accomplished."

"He knows how to destroy the Gundams; is he that suit's pilot?" says Duo.

"Who are these people?" wonders Relena.

Out at sea, Zechs confirms the loss of his squad. "Anyone who sees the Gundams dies; what a horrible jinx," he says.

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