Gundam Wing
Episode 3
Five Gundams Verified

Treize speaks with Zechs about the colonial pilots while at a shooting range. They don't know for certain the terrorists' objectives, but Zechs thinks the Mediterranean will be their next target. He doesn't think working in tandem with the rest of the military would prove useful. Treize agrees and tells him to bring one down as he bags a pheasant.

Zechs discusses what they're up against with one of the underwater squad. The loss of men and mechs has been too great. He decides to observe the movements of the Gundams and leave the investigating to Marina. As he leaves for the Mediterranean, he wonders if there's anything that can be done with an enemy who takes such dangerous risks.

At a local United Federation hospital, Heero is under intense scrutiny. "Respiration 27, pulse 57, body temperature 34 C (93 F)." Strapped to a diagnostic table, his wounds unattended, they study him from a healthy distance. 'I've been caught,' is his first conscious thought. His next is to accurately deduce his location. They're also trying to access a disc he was carrying, but not even the United Federation mother computer can read it. "So he *is* a colonial spy," concludes a tech. Sally Poe, the OZ investigator, is not positive, but with his overdeveloped musculature plus some 200 injuries with only the bullet wounds visible from the outside, he's no normal kid. When the tech suggests truth serum, she decides against it.

Outside, Duo contacts his people and sets off to rescue Heero.

On the way to the Mediterranean, Zechs and his crew analyze the data on a mech approaching Indas Base in India. It's speed suggests that not all of the Gundams can transform into aircraft. Another mech is headed for Corsica; they might be able to catch it there. Zechs chooses not to aid Indas.

Wufei continues his rampage through Asia by destroying Indas Base. He finds the task unchallenging.

Relena has finally located Heero. She's shocked that he's allowed no visitors. Sally shows up and asks her if they might talk about her boyfriend. Boyfriend?

Meanwhile, Heero is trying to free himself, without alerting the tech, by disturbing his vitals. One of the screens in his room shows Duo. He figured Heero could lip-read, but is surprised Heero can attempt to escape without his brainwaves being disturbed. He's going to spring Heero, because he's got a lot to discuss with him.

On the way up to Heero's room, Relena is somewhat flippant with Sally. When they arrive, she's shocked at their treatment of Heero. Sally explains that he's unnaturally strong and he scares them. Maybe, if he would talk to us... "So, you're saying he's not a part of the United Federation military," says Relena. Sally suggests they go down and see him. As they do, Duo blasts his way in. Heero's already half way free by the time Duo reaches him. They blast their way out of the building and jump out. Duo uses an energy propellor for his decent, but Heero ignores his parachute, seemingly uninterested in survival. Relena sees and shouts, "Heero, NO!" For some reason, he hears and responds to this, pulling the rip cord. It's so late that the parachute only lessens the impact's blow. He rolls down a 100 foot cliff and across the beach, then, gets up. Amazed, Sally comments, "I wouldn't want him for an enemy."

"What can I do!?" barks Heero in frustration.

"I understand wanting to die," says Duo, "but if that fall didn't do it, you'd better think of some other way." He slips Heero's arm over his shoulder to help him walk. "You don't have to trust me; but what else can you do, right now?"

In Corsica, the military news reports that land mobile suit production elsewhere has been halted due to an unexplained explosion. Corsica should be able to achieve full capacity. The Specials have been called in as a precaution. Walker, one of the Specials' pilots, comments that Zechs is still an hour away, but Zechs arrives before the anticipated attack. The local Commander is furious about the Specials' presence, which he feels is unnecessary.

The narrator explains the history of the Specials. There were many in the military who were opposed to and felt uneasy about the creation of a special mobile suit corps. Their young leader, Treize, is trying to create a new era. He was the one who created the Specials. He is also on the Board of the Lomfera Foundation, which has funded aristocracy through the ages. He has applied this financial resource to the development of mobile suits. Originally created to develop and supply new mobile suits, the Specials were eventually turned into a combat unit. Because their battle record has been so high, they've been privileged with autonomy in combat situations. This situation creates a great deal of friction with older military leaders.

The Commander assures his troops they'll show the Specials you can win without the excessive bloodshed the Specials are famous for.

Meanwhile, Zechs finds he's been misinformed as to the Commander's locale. One of his men shows up to escort him to a hanger to show him something. It's a mothballed mobile suit, theTallgeese. It may be old, but Walker was reminded of it when he saw the Gundam data. To make the Tallgeese more powerful, they had to make it huge, hence the name. He thinks it would be capable of taking on a Gundam. Zechs explains that there are four Gundams, and all he knows is that one is now coming to Corsica. Walker is eager to bag one for him.

The various units around Corsica prepare for the attack while Zechs has Tallgeese loaded onto his ship.

"Anyone would be a fool to attack!" says the Commander.

"The fool has come!" says Zechs as Trowa begins his attack.

Though his men object to leaving their post on account of one attacker, Walker wants that Gundam! The Commander's shocked that his forces are being torn to ribbons by one mech. "The way to defeat an enemy of small numbers is to surround them," says Trowa, "but he shouldn't have made a move before assessing my power." Walker convinces the Commander to let his squad join the fight.

Zechs' ship is ready to go but the crewman who tells him this expresses his desire to stay and fight. Zechs has decided their priority is to protect the Tallgeese. They salute their distant comrades before they leave.

Trowa's ammo runs out before he finishes off Walker's squad. "Well, I didn't last long," sighs Trowa, resigned to his fate.

Unexpectedly, the Aries about to take him down explodes. A barrage of cannon fire wipes out the rest of Walker's squad. It's Quatre and his men. "I wanted to see the power of this enemy," says Walker as Quatre destroys his Aries in Sandrock's crosscrusher.

"I'm sorry," says Quatre.

"I'll take my leave," says Zechs as the distant Walker dies.

When it's all over, Quatre's men caution him against the other Gundam. Zechs' ships' departure distracts him long enough for Trowa to attack. The attack results in their ships become locked together. "This is wrong," says Quatre. He leaves his cockpit and shouts, "We shouldn't fight!" Trowa opens his cockpit and surrenders. "Please, stop. I was the first one to come out," says Quatre.

Elsewhere, Duo mans a crane, lifting Wing Gundam out of the water and into the salvage yard. He turns to find Heero setting a leg bone by himself. "Give me a break! He sets his own leg," mutters Duo, "just thinking about it gives me the creeps." Heero wordlessly limps over to look down, finally reunited with his mech.

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