EP 33

On "Kodomo no Omocha", it's time for *My School's Fragile Teacher Corner*. Out of the stacks of viewers' postcards, Zenjiro-sensei chooses one for a visit. The viewer writes that his school has a couple of teachers who are deeply in love and that they can be all clingy in front of the students. "Tsuyoshi Suzuki, see you next week!" concludes Zenjiro. After the cut and a double take, Sana realizes it's *her* school's Tsuyoshi Suzuki! Zenjiro wonders if the boys and girls get along, there. Sana enthusiastically assures him that they do.

"What happened?" she wonders, when she arrives at school. A war between the boys and the girls has broken out, reminiscent of earlier episodes. The girls are mad at the boys for not doing their share of the cleaning (kids, in Japan, are responsible for keeping their schools and homerooms clean, as you've probably noticed in other shows and episodes). Tsuyoshi crawls under the barrage of desks to her, distressed by the turn of events. He brightens up when she tells him his postcard was chosen. He's too excited about having his name read on the air to appreciate how bad it'll look if Zenjiro shows up and it's like this. Sana does, however, and yells at the others. The fighting briefly stops and they're both accused of being traitors to their respective genders. Their responses only add fuel to the flame.

Sana drags Tsuyoshi outside, to find out what happened. He explained how the trouble started between Gomi and Hisae. Then, Mr. Michiya came to see what was keeping Gomi. "Ah, well, I don't like doing cleaning, either," said Mr. Michiya.

"If you talk like that, they won't do it," chided Ms. Tanaka.

"Would that be so bad?"

"What's the point in cleaning?" Gomi griped, "The girls always complain about the results, anyway: ‘Did you really clean this?' ‘It's so dirty' ‘Gomi likes gomi (trash)'". Mr. Michiya sympathized with the boys, however, the girls and Ms. Tanaka insisted the boys do their chores.

Then, Mr. Michiya suggested that the boys strike. "What was that?" asked Ms. Tanaka. "If you feel that way, then you were lying when you said we would do the cleaning and laundry together when we get married." And things just went down hill from there, with the two teachers arguing about disputable aspects of their wedding.

Sana uses her ‘seikaku-shindan' or character diagnosticator. Between it and Hayama's monotone goading, Sana joins Ms. Tanaka's side. Her verbal barrage almost has he boys backing down when Hayama walks in. The boys think he'll support them, but he says he doesn't care about the situation. His apathy aggravates Sana even further. She divides the room with their desks. As representative of the girl's side of the room, she announces that, if the boys don't want to clean, they can stay in their filth. "Who will be the boys' representative?" asks Gomi, " Hayama-san..." Hayama boots Gomi to the front and the boys follow with their own rallying declarations. Tsuyoshi is distressed about being apart from Aya.

But it's time for class and the girls think the boys should do without. Mr. Michiya shows up. He overheard it all and thinks they should have gotten over what happened yesterday. Ms. Tanaka disagrees and Mr. Michiya ends up teaching the boys.

They're supposed to be doing social studies, but the girl's side quickly degrades into a discussion about Mr. Michiya. Ms. Tanaka tells them that he has a strange habit of crying while playing the harmonica. He decides that the first hour of class for the boys will be to play harmonica! Tsuyoshi despairs about when the day will come that this wall between the boys and girls will come down.

The noise from the boys side is so distracting, that Sana leads the girls in a song. The noise attracts Ms. Ando who threatens tell the principal. Mr. Michiya says that's fine; it's the girls who've been bad. The girls call Ms. Ando over by yelling "Let's Limbo". Ms. Tanaka also wouldn't mind having the principal decide this problem. Aya and Tsuyoshi silently, melodramatically pledge to be together again.

Ms. Ando brings the principal, but the principal decides to let them figure it out for themselves. Tsuyoshi starts despairing again, when Aya signals him with her compact, to let him know she wants to see him, too. Encouraged, Tsuyoshi shouts, "I won't be beaten!" Misinterpreting this, Mr. Michiya cheers his enthusiasm.

At lunch time, Sana and Kojima race for the class' food. Tricking Kojima, Sana gets to the kitchen first and the girls get curry while the boys get only rice. Mr. Michiya assures the boys that rice is manly. But where is Tsuyoshi?

Tsuyoshi and Aya secretly meet in the rose garden to share their meals.

The boys decide only rice isn't so great and wonder why Tsuyoshi is so happy when they return their plates. "I really like rice," he says.

"Hey, that's curry on your mouth!" says Gomi.

Tsuyoshi quickly licks his lips. "Where?" he asks coyly.

After lunch, the girls have a "Special Homemaking" class. Ms. Tanaka shares with them her doll house.

The boy's class is studying "The Heart of Japan"... they'll be doing shuji (calligraphy). Gomi's first attempt is bad, so he pitches it. It lands in the doll house and the fight begins anew.

At the end of the day, the boys leave without doing their chores.

At home, Sana talks to Mama about it. "I don't know why men don't like to clean," admits Mama. "People are animals which love to argue."

"It's not an argument," insists Sana, "The boys are wrong."

"I know you want to end this," says Mama, "but look at human history. Don't we keep repeating our mistakes? If your own position becomes so important that you'll gladly put down a friend, will it ever end?"

"But what should I do?"

Mama insists she put money in her hat's osaisenbako (money box), which she reluctantly does. "Fill your heart with thoughts of your friends and the answer will come to you," says Mama dramatically. Sana wants her money back. Mama grabs hold of her and, again with drama, asks for forgiveness for her failures. After all, doesn't she love and take care of Sana? Mrs. Shimura makes an appearance to clean up after Mama. Sana points out that it's Shimura, not Mama, who takes care of the house.

The next day, the boys get the meat sauce for spaghetti, at lunch. However, the girls have furikake (I don't know an English word for it) to go with the spaghetti, so once again, the girls fare better. As Tsuyoshi and Aya secretly share their lunch, they discuss the problem. Tsuyoshi doesn't care about cleaning, if it keeps them apart.

Somehow, the class ends up on the playing field with a ditch between them. Ms. Ando comes to see what's up and falls in. It's at this time that Zenjiro shows up in a helicopter and also falls in. "What's this ditch?" he asks

"It's the ditch separating the girls and boys," explains Sana.

"I thought you said the boys and girls at your school get along!"

Sana explains the situation to Zenjiro and he turns it into a contest: Boys against girls, whomever knocks the most into the ditch wins. It comes down to the teachers and Tsuyoshi vs. Aya. The two kids melodramatically decide to jump off together.

As the teachers whack away at each other, they confess their love for each other.

"I just want you to wear the prettiest outfit (for the wedding)," shouts Mr. Michiya.

"There's nothing better looking than a tux," returns Ms. Tanaka.



They stop fighting and reconcile.

The students, unhappy with the results, leave, and Sana demands, "Who wins the conflict between boys and girls?"

"It doesn't matter," mutters Hayama.


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