Dimension story

basic concept:
A girl falls through into another dimension and must go through many adventures and hardships in order to return home.

This story has a kind of video game, go-through-the-levels quality to it. Each world the heroine encounters has a different problem which she must solve. Solving each world's problem requires her to demonstrate a virtue. Using that virtue, she will defeat the villains by changing their hearts and as a result, all will become right in that world. In each world, a villain will become the knight of a virtue and continue with her on her journey. The solution to each world's problems becomes progressively more difficult. She, herself, won't use any martial skills to succeed, just virtues; virtues will be like magic in these worlds. All sorts of global issues can be addressed in a simplified way as she travels from world to world.

Komal Patal:
Born in India, Komal's parents moved to the US when she was very young. Her mother died of cancer a few years later. As a result, she and her father are very close. Komal has the same identity problems many young people have, compounded by being an immigrant: Where do I belong? Am I Americian or Indian? Dispite her occasional lack of appreciation for her cultural heritage, she is a good kid. She is also smart and fairly athletic, belonging to the Chess club and the Track and Field team in her Junior High.
Brassy, brave and loyal, Tufkin is the first 'person' Komal encounters when she crosses over into the other dimension. He is a young shape changer from the Maqua tribe of the Sharuk peoples. He was only just beginning his 'life journey' when he met Komal. His 'life journey', a period of solitary, experience building travel all his people must have before they can be considered adults, becomes the quest to help Komal find her way back to her own world.


 Other details

(4 sets of sketches, 55K)