I want there to be comics for girls.

It really bothers me that there are thousands of comics for girls in Japan, and yet there are practically none here in the US. I want to change that. Not just anything will do: I want there to be comics that would have interested me as a girl; stories that would still interest me as an adult. The comics would inspire the reader; after reading them, a girl should feel good about herself. The stories should be exciting, smart, wholesome, and satisfying; with characters who are well rounded with complete personalities and ordinary problems.

I want more than just that, though.

The stories should also convey religious, racial, and cultural tolerance, concern for the environment, faith in yourself, and concern for others without any of these elements being obvious or preachy. I think these elements are important; yet they are often used ineffectively, if they are used at all. Sending a good message and being entertaining should not be mutually exclusive.

I'm looking for people who share this philosophy in the hope they will work with me to achieve the goal of creating quality comics for girls.