Rowan and Sam

the basic concept
Ghost busting kids in an urban setting. The stories will be fairly episodic and deal with the adventures of the title characters as well as the everyday problems they face in Jr. High. The genre and setting open the door for introducing the audience to other cultures through religions and ways of living.

Rowan ans Sam are a special pair of kids who were born on the same day to two special women. Each has special powers which, when skillfully combined, make them a spiritual dynamo. They were a born team, raised knowing about and developing their powers. They deal with the various supernatural problems of their city, Washington D.C.. Both contemporary and historic ghosts, wayward souls and pesky poltergeists will cross their path. What do you do when no one will listen to you about the imp who always draws on your walls and steals your homework? Find Rowan and Sam!


She always dresses in pale colors, loose clothing and various charms. She is the witch of the two, the manipulator of magic, bound to nature, the yin to Sam's yang. Her mom is a pagan, her father's an anthropology Professor. They own and run an herb shop. Her fimiliar is a crow named Ingram who works as a scout of sorts and as a medium between her and animals. Ingram's self-conscious about not being a raven. Charismatic, big hearted, centered, she and Sam are both older than their years. Rowan's scholastic strengths are science and history. She has a younger sister who worships both of them. Her family is happy and comfortable, though extremely eccentric.
Rowan and Ingram
Samuel Tobias
He's usually in well fitted, dark clothes. His powers are along the spiritual, other worldly vein. His dad's a minister who doesn't know about Sam's powers nor just why Sam is so involved in theology. His mom's a music teacher who has a Samantha and Darren relationship with her husband, that is, she's a witch, like Rowan's mother. Dad doesn't really approve of his son's sibling like relationship with Rowan, but he tolerates it. Sam has an older sister and brother. Though he has a beautiful singing voice and is a wonderful orator, Sam is rather introverted, serious and shy. His scholastic strengths are history and literature. His family, though on the strict side, is a fairly happy, functional one. Their beagle has a love/hate relationship with Ingram.