the basic concept
A freshman girl decides she wants to start a rhythmic gymnastics club and gets her best friend to go along. They have to overcome various obstacles to get their club. Once they start the club, it's a collection of oddballs of sorts. They start out just doing it for fun, but they eventually become good. Stories will involve everyday conflicts strung together with the thread of sports. Sports allow a wide cross section of people to interact on common ground and learn to work together.

Elizabeth 'Liz' Wellstone:
A single child who lives happily w/divorced attorney mom, Emma, and a cat called Xena. They live well and respect each other. Mom has taught her through example to be independent and confident. They live in the top two floors of a nice rowhouse and rent out the basement to a couple of college students. Liz is charismatic, smart, and best friends with Anne.
Anne Yamaguchi:
She lives with mom, dad, older sister and younger brother. Her family doesn't have any major problems to start with, except for parental expectations. Anne is also smart and is more patient and organized than Liz. She has an infinite collection of hemispherical earrings. Both her parents are teachers. She's named after Anne of Green Gables; her mom's a fan and an Asian-Canadian.
Janice Miller:
Comes from a military family and has plenty of family problems, the biggest being her Dad. Mom died a while back and Janice became the woman of the household. Dad doesn't know how to deal with Janice's multiple roles as eldest child, woman of the house, and daughter. She is somewhat butch because of her unconscious desire to please her father, whom she believes, and not without good reason, wished/es she were a boy. Also, this is so because she has not learned that femininity and strength are not mutually exclusive, and strength is needed to live her life. Though she has an indomitable spirit, she is oddly fragile in some ways. Her best friend is Sarah. Not so financially secure nor academically successful as Liz and Anne. She has a little sister.
Sarah Galindo:
She lives in an extended family with mom, dad, uncle, grandma, older brother and sister and a younger brother. Quiet and feminine, she doesn't have a lot of confidence and is often lost in the crowd of her family. She and Janice don't realize that they find in each other the attributes they desire in themselves. She has to work part-time jobs to help the family and it affects her school work. Hard working, big hearted, Catholic.

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