In late spring, once Liz and Anne decide to make the club, our duo has to find a staff sponsor. None of the PE coaches will do it; they already have teams and don't feel the need for more (let alone anything with so little draw as rhythmic gymnastic). Their adult confidant, the librarian, suggests they try a scary, upperclassmen math teacher. It's a courageous thing to ask, and the teacher agrees.

Next problem: they need 3 students to make a club. They manage to get Janice and Sarah to join.

Next problem: bureaucracy of making a club. The math teacher helps them there.

Next: facilities and equipment. They end up with a place which requires the four of them to spend some of their summer vacation fixing up. They work to raise money for rudimentary equipment and build camaraderie along the way.

They start their club in fall. The one upperclassman they get is Maxine the star of the volleyball team. There will be conflicts between her duty to the two teams and her freshman sibling who has also joined the club. Also, they get a guy who is into gymnastics. He offers to be their manager, if they let him use their facilities. He came from a school which had guys' gymnastics, but they don't here in Greenville. He has the self confidence to handle being in a 'gay' sport. With him, homosexual issues could be addressed. The story ensues with all sorts of teen angst and team sports type problems.