The Grand Scheme

To publish a low priced but sizable anthology of stories which would cater to the interests of girls ages 10-14.

Why girls ages 10-14?

Before age 12, the percentage of boys and girls reading comics is roughly equal. After age 12, the percentages begin to skew to the mainly male readership of adult comic buyers. It seems that girls are a big, untapped market. Starting young and growing along with the audience is an important consideration, as well as getting girls involved before they decide they are too old for comics. Girls read more than boys.

How do you intend to sell effectively to girls if they are not in comic stores?

By marketing and distributing like a magazine, the anthology can be put in places where girls will find it. It will be in book store magazine stands and grocery store checkout lines, etc.

Why an anthology?

If you start with 4 or 5 stories and one, two or even three are not successful, you can replace them with other stories without sacrificing the whole publication. Also, you can reach a broader audience if you have a broader range of stories and art styles.

How sizeable?

96 pages, plus 4 for the cover: 2-24 page, 2-20 page and 1-10 page stories.

How do you publish cheaply?

By publishing in black and white, on low quality paper and in sizes smaller than regular comics, prices can be kept low. Currently, paper size and quality comparable to Goosebumps and a $1.95 cover price will most likely be used.



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