Well  now  you've done  it  ... You've spooked all the fish  ...  might as well stay put  for a while and check out some of  the great fishing spots at the ranch. Mr. Frito the River-Keeper, has moved the picnic table out of the shack for the Spring and set it up in the shade of a big cottonwood tree by the water. He's attached his fly tying vice and been hard at work cutting up rubber bands to make jiggly little legs for some very innovative new flies. Evidently, Mr. Frito has also hired a professional Hatch Watcher who lives in a teepee covered with strange markings which he has set up on the other side of the tree. He's kind of a solitary fellow  -  but late at night they can hear him all the way over at The Bunk House - singing old lonesome songs in front of his fire. Back in The Shack, you should take a closer look at The Wall of Fame and you can even send us some pictures of your own if you've ever caught anything worth writing home about. Then you can tell us how you did it and where, but first - they key word here is ...


We want date, place, time of day, weather conditions, water temperature, hatch info, make of rod, type of vehicle or mode of transportation to the site of capture of said fish, attire, available beverages and a list of witnesses. If you're desperate just make something up and send it to.

Yeah we're tough but it's my  ranch isn't it?

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And now for some views of our lovely ranch.
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this is cyber space
special rules apply


In conclusion ... any tips on catching those nasty trout in @*&_#?*$% Lake would be greatly appreciated.