I have the following information from the PARROTT FAMILY BIBLE which last I heard was in the possession of my Aunt Valma Kemp Zachary, of Alabama, although I actually aquired the information through the graciousness of  R. Bernice Leonard, a professional genealogist in Talbot Co., MD before I found out about the Parrott Bible.

Quoting from a letter I received from Mrs. Leonard:

Dear Mr. Kemp;

My friend, Cindy Schmidt, a computer freak, told me of your search for information on the Kemp Family of Talbot County, MD.  I am sending the information I have about them and the associated families of Parrott and Murphy.

This is about all I have here.  There is much more to be found in the public records at the Talbot County Courthouse and the Talbot County Free Library.  I am ** years old now and do not travel about alone anymore; therefore I do not have access to these repositories.

Then her following notes were attached:

A very old Bible, printed in London, England in 1766 by "Mark Baskett, Printer to the King's most Excellent Majesty; and by the assigns of Robert Baskett" has recently been brought to light in Georgia.  A xeroxed copy of the title page and several other pages on which family data has been written was sent to me by a friend to whom it meant nothing but which revealed a great deal of information on a Talbot County, Maryland family.

It includes the following entries:

JAMES PARROTT and Sarah his wife was married the 29 day of November 1783.

THOMAS PARROTT son of James Parrott and Sarah his wife was born May the 2, 1785.

MARY PARROTT daughter of James Parrott and Sarah his wife was born the 3 day March 17 (rest of the pages is torn)

BENJAMIN PARROTT son of James Parrott and Sarah his wife was born 17 day of November 1788.

REBECAH PARROTT daughter of James Parrott and Sarah his wife was born the 16 day of February 1791.

ELIZABETH PARROTT daughter of James Parrot and Sarah his wife was born the ___ day of June 1795.

WILLIAM HUTCHINS PARROTT son of James Parrot and Sarah his wife was born the 3 day of May 1795.

LYDIA PARROTT daughter of James Parrott and Sarah his wife was born the 26 day of March 1799.

SARAH PARROTT daughter of James Parrott and Sarah his wife was born the 10th day of March 1799.

SARAH PARROTT the wife of James Parrott the mother of the above mentioned children departed this life the 17 day of February in the year 1802.

JAMES PARROTT father of the above mentioned children departed this life the 2nd February 1813 being in his 52 years old 7th July 1813.

Note: James Parrott married Sarah Hutchings in Caroline County, license issued 26 November 1783.

Additional notes sent to me by Mrs. Leonard but not from the Bible include:

In 1802 the five children of James and Sarah Parrott became the heirs of William Hutchings, owner of a plantation on Kings Creek in Talbot County, Maryland called "Turkey Neck."  At this date Sarah Hutchings Parrott was deceased and James Parrott was married a second time, to the widow, Frances Bowman.

Jane, the widow of William Hutchings, who held a life interest in "Turkey Neck"' was dead by November 1816: Lydia Parrott was also deceased and the plantation was divided between the four surviving heirs.  Rebecca Parrott had become the wife of Robert C. Kirby.

Sarah, daughter of James and Sarah Parrott, became the wife of William Augustus Frederick Ceasar Kemp on 14 January 1817.  This young man, the son of Dr. William Kemp of Talbot County, was a veteran of the War of 1812 and co-owner with his sister, Elizabeth, of a large farm north of Easton which they had inherited from their grandmother.  In 1822, William A.F. C. Kemp, gentleman, and his wife Sarah, sold their interests to James Hackett of Caroline County.  They seemed to have owned no other real estate although William was designated "farmer" when he became one of the charter members of Miller Lodge I.O.O.F. in 1833.

When the 1830 census of Talbot Co. was taken, William A.F.C. Kemp was living near "Hole In The Wall" - overseer of the county almshouse, a position he held until his death. This tragic event occurred in January 1844 after he was savagely attacked and severely injured by one of the inmates. His murderer was tried, convicted of manslaughter, and sentenced to serve five years in
the MD State Penitentiary.

WILLIAM A. F. C. KEMP died 1-2-1844

He and Sarah had 10 children as follows:

Elizabeth E.
Born February ?, 1819; Died April 21, 1840 (or 1825-unclear)

William A.
Born September 12, 1820; Died ?

Sarah R.
Born December 13, 1822; Died August 21, 1842

James Z.
Born March 1, 1925; Died ?

Born April 8, 1827; Died ?

Anna Marie
Born November 25, 1830; Died ?

Susan Adaline
Born June ?, 1833; Died August 26, 1840

Harriet Louiza
Born March 1, 1832; Died ?

Alfred Baynard
Born September ?, 1835; Died August 28, 1840

Charles P.
Born ?; Died August 29,1842

Mrs. Leonard's letter continued from here, but the remainder was more Kemp related and I have put it on my Kemp Page.


If you have any additional information on these families besides what I have on my web pages (which is all I have) please help me out.  Any help would be most appreciated.


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