The earliest in my KEMP line I have any information on is ROBERT KEMP:

ROBERT KEMP was a Quaker who immigrated to Maryland from England in 1664.
In 1678 he married Elizabeth, daughter of Edmund and Elizabeth Webb of "Bolton," a tract of land on the Chesapeake Bay near St. Micheals, MD.
He died 1702 and left a will.
They had the following children:


WILLIAM KEMP (has a will)
Born ?
On July 11, 1717 at Thirdhaven Meeting, MD, he married Martha Eubanks.
He died in 1729 leaving the widow Martha, a son WILLIAM,
and five daughters:


Born ?
He married Alice ? in ?
She MAY have been a second wife as there is a marriage between William Kemp and Mary Scrivenor on Feb. 8, 1742 in St. Lukes's Parish, Queen Anne County, MD.
He died in 1771, (has a will) leaving all to his wife Alice.
Alice Kemp died in 1791 (has a will) leaving their children Henrietta and WILLIAM.


Born ?
WILLIAM KEMP became a Doctor and married Grace Loveday, daughter of Grace and Thomas Loveday. Her mother Grace was the daughter of Thomas Stewart (and the widow of Samuel Martin who died in 1746). Grace Martin and Thomas Loveday were married March 27, 1746. Her parents MAY have been one Thomas Stewart who married Elizabeth Carr on Jan. 10 1721.

Dr. William's second wife was a lady named "Martha" who married secondly, Bainard Wilson (Baynard Willson) on Nov. 28 1797.

Doctor William died in 1796. His son was WILLIAM AUGUSTUS FREDERICK CAESAR KEMP; his daughter was Elizabeth Kemp.


Born ?
Married to Sarah Parrott (b. Mar. 10, 1799) on January 14, 1817. Sarah was the daughter of James Parrott (d.1813) and Sarah Hutchins, who married Nov. 26 1783 in Caroline County, MD. Information from the Parrott family Bible can be found on my Parrott Family Bible Page.

WILLIAM was a veteran of the War of 1812 and was co-owner, with his sister Elizabeth, of a large farm north of Easton which they had inherited from their grandmother. In 1822, William A.F.C. Kemp, gentleman, and his wife, Sarah, sold their interests to James Hackett of Caroline Co. They seemed to have held no other real estate although William was designated "farmer" when he became one of the charter members of Miller Lodge I.O.O.F. in 1833.

When the 1830 census of Talbot Co. was taken, William A.F.C. Kemp was living near "Hole In The Wall" and was the overseer of the county almshouse, a position he held until his death. This tragic event occurred in January 1844 after he was savagely attacked and severely injured by one of the inmates. His murderer was tried, convicted of manslaughter, and sentenced to serve five years in the MD State Penitentiary.

WILLIAM A. F. C. KEMP died 1-2-1844

He and Sarah had 10 children as follows:

Elizabeth E.
Born February ?, 1819; Died April 21, 1840 (or 1825-unclear)

William A.
Born September 12, 1820; Died ?

Sarah R.
Born December 13, 1822; Died August 21, 1842

James Z.
Born March 1, 1925; Died ?

Born April 8, 1827; Died ?

Anna Marie
Born November 25, 1830; Died ?

Susan Adaline
Born June ?, 1833; Died August 26, 1840

Harriet Louiza
Born March 1, 1832; Died ?

Alfred Baynard
Born September ?, 1835; Died August 28, 1840

Charles P.
Born ?; Died August 29,1842


Most of the information above was sent to me courtesy of Mrs. Bernice Leonard of the Upper Shore Genealogical Society in Easton, MD. I wish to thank her for her generosity in supplying me with this information.

Most of the information below came from Kemp papers that disappeared after the death of my Grandmother, Valma Rayford Kemp, in 1990. Fortunately, my Aunt Wanda Wikle of Townsend, TN had made copies of this information.

Born 8-8-1827
On May 28, 1850 in Baltimore, MD, Frederick, married Hannah Ringgold, daughter of the Reverend Samuel Ringgold of Kent County, MD. They were married by Reverend Larkin.
They had 4 children as follows:

Born ?; Died ? married ? in ? had a daughter named Mable

Born ?: Died ? married William Doeppe, they had a son named Herman who married a girl named Anita ? . They had a son named Herman, Jr.

Born ?; Died ? Died as a child

Frederick Samuel
Born 1862 in ? (probably St. Micheals, Talbot Co.) ,MD
Died 1923 Chambers Co. AL


Born August 30, 1862 in St. Micheals, Talbot Co. MD
Died June 5, 1923 in Chambers Co. AL
Frederick married Carrie May Murphy (Born May 1, 1867 in St. Micheals, Talbot Co. MD; Died October 7, 1955 in Chambers Co. AL). She was the daughter of George W. Murphy and Anna Martindale Keithly, his wife of St. Michaels, MD and Baltimore, MD.
They had 4 children as follows:

Wanda Edna Earle
Born ?; died ? (probably summer of 1901)

Mary Orbia
Born November 16, 1989; died January 16, 1928

Grace Kiethley
Born June 24, 1893; died January 30, 1976 in Chambers Co., AL.
Grace never married. She lived with George Frederick until his death in 1968 then lived with his wife Valma until Grace's death.

Paul Fleetwood
Born ?; died ? lived 9 days

Born December 5, 1895 in St. Micheals, Talbot Co. MD; died November 29, 1968 in Chambers Co. AL


GEORGE FREDERICK KEMP married Valma Lavonia Raines Rayford
(Born January 12, 1900; died September 14, 1990 in Chambers Co. AL) in 1922.
They had 4 children as follows:

GEORGE FREDRICK, JR. (My Dad) in Chambers Co. AL (living)

Wanda Noble in Chambers Co. AL (living)

Valma Rayford in Chambers Co. AL (living)

Jack Samuel in Chambers Co. AL (living)


GEORGE FREDRICK KEMP, JR. married Annie Lee Strother (living)
(Born in Tallassee, AL) in Galesburg, IL on May 22, 1943.
They have 3 children as follows:

George Fredrick III (living)
Born in Chambers Co. AL.

Timothy Durham (That's me and I think I'm living)
Born in Langdale, Chambers Co. AL.

James Samuel (living)
Born in Pensacola, FL. Escambia Co.


Any additions, corrections, or more in depth details would be greatly appreciated!

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