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Written by John B. O. Nicklin

In his account of the Strother family, David Hunter Strother (Porte Crayon) who was the historian of the Strother family, stated that the name is from the Gaelic word "stroth", meaning a broad valley with a river running through it; hence, "Stroth-Clyde", "Stroth-Allen", `Stroth-Moore", "Stroth-Erne", in which stood Fonteroit, the capital city of the Picts. Of this last, by chopping off the last two letters, we have "Strother". Here give the broad sound to "A", as commonly pronounced in England, and we have "Strowther' or "Strother". As the name may have been applied to one living on a "Strath", as one would say "John the Carpenter", they would say "John the Strother".

David Hunter Strother also says that Alan del Strother I, Lord of Lymon (Lyham) in Parish of Chalton County, Northumberland, England, had by a fine (Tun 23, Edward III 1349) one hundred merke and half of Manor of Lymon. He was High Sheriff of Northumberland in 1354-55 (57?). (Lyham) (Owens) He married Constance de Lymore. His son, Alan del Strother II, was High Sheriff of Northumberland in 1356-57 and warder of the Castle and Shire of Roxenburg (Roxburgh) in 1368. He was succeeded by Thomas Percy, Earle of Northumberland by the Kemp order "To hold them in the same manner that Alan del Strother had holden them". Prior to this time, Alan del Strother was appointed as Bailiff of Lindale and had custody of the Manor of Werk and Balester. He died in 1381 owning Kirk Larle, Witchester, Hamrick, Crookden, Sweet Hope, and lands in Lyman.

Henry del Strother, son of Alan del Strother II, had from their Kind, custody of the Manor Hentizhalgh with the forest of Launer, which Catherine, the late Countess of Athal, had held during her life.

William del Strother, son of the above Henry del Strother and grandson of Alan del Strother II, married Maud de Elmoldon, daughter of the Mayor of New Castle. She was co-heiress of Agnes Draper, widow of Peter Draper, member of Parliament from New Castle in 1297. Their daughter, Joan del Strother, married (first) William de Caucy and (second) John de Copeland. A son of the above William del Strother and his wife Maud de Elmondon was Alan del Strother III. Alan del Strother III married Margaret Gray and had children as follows:

1. Thomas Strother 1393-1450

2. John Strother (died 1426) married Agnes Bedford

3. Mary Strother married Thomas Musgrove, Knight

Mary (above) inherited the Manor. There daughter, Jane Musgrove, married William Fenwick. William del Strother, third son of Alan del Strother Ill and his wife, Margaret Gray, married Joan de Wallington, only daughter of Robert de Wallington. He became William del Strother of Wallington and lived at Castle Strother at Glendale, Northumberland County, England. Castle Strother was in the hands of the Strother family for more than three hundred years.

William del Strother II, son and heir of the above William del Strother and his wife, Joan de Wallington, resided in Wallington Tower while the Duke of Bedford held Prudhoe Castle, restored to the Percys in 1416. They had children as follows:

1. Joan del Strother who married Edward Lovan

2. Alice del Strother who married Robert Michelson

3. Mary del Strother who married John Fenwick (Fenwick of Newburne)

In 1877 there were numerous Strother land owners in Northumberland and on the Scottish side of the Tweed. In Scotland the name is spelled Struthers, Strowther, Strawther, Stodder and Straather. (Probably spelled by ear and not by knowledge). The main families spelled it in England exactly as it is spelled in England and America today. It is one of the few historic names that has not changed its orthography for more then six hundred years. Chaucer, in his "Canterbury Tales," spells it "Strother".

1. Alan del Strother I

2. Alan del Strother II, married Margaret

3. William Strother (died 1315), married Johanna Corbet

4. Henry Strother, Lord of Newton (died 1379)

5. John Strother (died 1394), married Mary, daughter of Sir Alan Hell

6. William Strother (died 1409)

7. Thomas Strother, Knight, (died 144O), married ____ Swinbourne

8. William Strother of Wallington (died 14??), married Joan Wallington

9. Thomas Strother (died 1501), married daughter of Sir Thomas Horton

10. Richard Strother (died 1530), married Margaret Mere

11. William Strother (died 1549), married Barbara, daughter of Sir Roger Gr?

12. William Strother (died 1586), married Agnes, daughter of Sir Thomas Gray

13. William Strother of Newton (born 1598 - died 1657), married Jane Selby of Twysett, who descended from Mary Strother and her husband, John Fenwick.

See Selby Records.

14. Lancelot Strother (died 1611), married Eleanor Conyers in 1590. She was born in 1570 and died in 1611.

See Conyers Records.

15. William Strother of Northumberland (born 1597 - died 1667)

16. William Strother (born 1630 - died 1702), married Dorothy Savage (1651), daughter of Captain Anthony Savage and his wife, Alice Stafford. About this time (1650 or 1651), William Strother emigrated to Virginia and settled near Richmond.

Note by Annie Earle Strother: The above David Hunter Strother was a famous literary character who wrote for "Harper's Magazine" about the year 1840 to 1860 under the pen name "Porte Crayon". He had a brother - name not known, who went to Arkansas, where he reared his family. I know nothing of them.

Note by Tim Kemp: See below for a link to a good example of the literary and artistic works of David Hunter Strother (aka: Porte Crayon).

17. William Strother, son of William and Dorothy Strother, was born about 1663 and died 1726. He was High Sheriff of King George County, Virginia, and a vestryman of Handover Parish and was called "Captain Strother". He was Gentleman Justice of King George County.

On March 6, 1723, a meeting of the Justice Court was held in King George County, with the following members present:
William Strother
Joseph Strother
Samuel Skinker
Benjamin Strother
Thomas Vivian
Meredith Price
Roland Thornton
William Strother III

(16.) Anthony Savage was son of John Savage and Alice Stafford (?) Alice Stafford, wife of Anthony Savage, was daughter of Sir Humphrey Stafford.

William Strother, son of the above William Strother and Dorothy Savage, married his first cousin, Margaret Thornton. Their mothers, Dorothy Savage Strother and Alice Savage Thornton, being sisters and daughters of Captain Anthony Savage and his wife, Alice Stafford.

(17.) William and Margaret Strother were close friends and neighbors of Augustine Washington, father of George Washington. Their farms adjoined and after the death of William Strother in 1726, two hundred eighty acres of this homestead with its two-story (8 bedroom) house was sold to Augustine Washington and became a part of Wakefield, recently restored as the birthplace of George Washington (Tim's note: This information is incorrect. This property was Ferry Farms not Wakefield. While George Washington did spend some of his younger years here he was not born here.) In 1929 this large brick house was said to have been in good condition.

18. Francis Strother, son of the above William and Margaret Strother, was born in 1700 and died in 1752. In 1720 he married Susannah Dabney, daughter of John Dabney and his wife, Sarah Jennings. They settled in the part of Orange County that later became Culpepper County, where he was a vestryman. He died there in 1752. Children of this marriage were:

William Dabney
Elizabeth who married Gaines
Susannah who married Gaines
(Mrs. Helen (Ardell) Moore descended from one of the above daughters)

19. Francis Strother, son of Francis and Susannah Dabney Strother, was a planter and lived in Culpepper County, Virginia. He was born between 1730 and 1735. In l756-l757, he was a Lieutenant of Militia of Culpepper County and rendered much service to the colonies during the French and Indian War. He was badly wounded during this war and never recovered. In 1777 he died as a result of these wounds. He married Anne Ferguson, daughter of Samuel Ferguson of Culpepper County and his wife, Anne Stubbleson, and granddaughter of John Ferguson and his wife, Anne Brown.

(Francis Strother - Will dated August 2, 1777, was probated October 20, 1777. It is recorded in Will Book "B", page 238 He names his wife, Anne, and sons John, Francis, George and Samuel. George and Samuel died young. John was a seaman and died on a trip to England.)

20. Francis Strother (his name was William Francis Strother) was born in 1764 or 1765 and went to Georgia and founded the Georgia branch of the Strother Family.

Added 02-07-1996 by Tim Kemp:
Berry - born in Georgia in 1806
Berry's son Isaiah Durham- born in 1837, married Ann Auston Williams Aycock. They had seven children:
Dollie - Born 1872
Katie Wells - Born 1874
Olive Henderson - Born 1876
Sallie Berry - Born 1878
James Amos - Born 1880
Isaiah Durham, Jr.- Born 1883
Charles Jackson - Born 1885

Isaiah Durham Strother's son Isaiah, Jr. - born in 1883, was my Grandpa
Isaiah, Jr's daughter Annie Lee Strother, born in Alabama (living) is my Mom

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