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The name Strother is believed to be of Scandinavian origin and the family to have gone into Great Britain with the Vikings. Those who bore it began to be mentioned in the annals of the country about this time. It is found in Denmark and Sweden in the present day, and it is to be seen on tombstones older than the Norman Conquest in a grave yard on the Isle of Thanet. On these old tombstones may be seem the Coat of Arms which was borne by the Strother family in England and America during all the years since that date and these "Arms" are identical with those upon old silver and jewelry owned by the Strothers of Virginia. The earliest form of the name seems to have been "Straather" but on the tombstones mentioned it is found not only in this form but it is found also in the form used to the present day. It is frequently seen both in the annals of romance and history. Chaucer mentions those who bore it, and in the records of Northumberland County, England, it is seen many times in the list of "Landed Gentry". It is also found in the marriage records where are chronicled the union between those who bore it and members of the most powerful and influential families of northern England.

Alan del Strother, Lord of Lyman during the reign of Edward III in 1352, was Sheriff of Northumberland and was succeeded by his sons, Alan and Henry. His daughter, Joan, married John Copeland, who captured King David at the Battle of Neville Cross. He was knighted, therefore, and made Warden of Roxborough Castle. Alan del Strother, who was Warden of this Castle from 1368 to 1376 was succeeded by Sir Thomas Percy.

William del Strother, son of Alan del Strother, died without issue and his numerous estates, Wallington and others, descended to his sisters and their children. To the descendants of this branch of the family they still belong. Among these descendants are Sir George Travelan who was a member of Gladsone's Cabinet, and Earl Gray.

William del Strotber, brother of Alan del Strother, was Mayor of New Castle in 1352 and subsequently represented that city in Parliament, The descendents of Henry del Strother, grandson of Alan del Strother I and younger brother of Alan del Strother II, lived at Glendale in 1640.

In 1639 William del Strother, son of William del Strother, Gentleman of Brunswick, Northumberland County, England, matriculated at Oxford. The name is still found in England in the lists of eminent jurists and men of letters.

The members of this family have in all ages been distinguished. In times of war their bravery and loyalty to the cause was espoused. In time of peace they have held high offices and have been noted for their staunch adherance to the church of their fathers. One of the family mottos was "Honesty, Truth and Fortitude"; another was "Death Rather Than to Break Faith".

From this ancient family came the Strother family of Virginia through William Strother who came from England and settled on the Rappahannock River in Virginia prior to 1673.

Note by Annie Earle Strother
"Mr. Nicklin says he came In 1651."

William del Strother, son of Alan del Strother, married Johanna Corbet. They had two sons. One was Henry (died 1379) who went to southern England and became Lord of Newton. He became paternal ancestor of the Virginia emigrant, William Strother.

The other son, Alan del Strother II (died 1357), married Constance de Lymore (Lyman) and became Lord of Lyman. They lived In Castle Strother in Glendale, England (or Scotland). The castle remained in the Strother family for three hundred years.

William del Strother and his wife, Johanna Corbet, had a daughter, Mary, who married John Fenwick (son of John Fenwick who died in l475). They became the grandparents of Jane Selby who married William Strother of Newton.

Alan del Strother II and Constance de Lyman had the following children:
1. William del Strother who married Joan, daughter of Robert Wellington
2. Alan del Strother II who died in 1381.

Elizabeth Fenwick, daughter of Mary Strother and John Fenwick, married William Selby (son of William Selby), and became parents of Jane Selby who married William Strother of Newton. Thus the families of two brothers, Alan del Strother (died 1357) and William del Strother (died1379) were united and became the ancestors of William Strother who went to Virginia in 1651. 

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