Excerpts from A GENEALOGICAL HISTORY OF THE FICKLIN FAMILY, compiled by Walter Roman Ficklin published by the W. H. Kistler Press, Denver, CO. in 1912, Page 45.

20. Charles Ficklin, son of Anthony, lived nearly all of his life in Fauquier. His father speaks of him as a citizen of that county in a deed dated October 29, 1784. (Stafford records) He speaks of himself as a citizen of Fauquier in his Will, which was probated October 28, 1816. His wife, Mary, is mentioned in the Will, and the children named therein were as follows:

(61.) Anthony Strother was living in Stafford in 1810 (Census). He married, but he died childless, l844, in Fauquier, where his estate was administered.

(62.) Charles B. never married.

(63.) Betsy did not marry and lived with her sister, Mrs. C. M. Johnson, and died in her home, the old Nathan Boone Place on Femme Osage Creek, St. Charles County, Missouri, and is buried there.

(64.) Susan B., married a Mr. Robinson, and lived at Wheeling, West Virginia.

(65.) Maria Pannel, married Major Thomas Tate and had one child, Mary STROTHER Tate, who married John W. Taylor, and reared six children:
Maria Virginia
Thomas Tate
Mary L.

(66.) Nancy married George Buckner Fant, December 15, 1815, and emigrated to Missouri. They had a son, Charles Ficklin Fant. Miss M. E. Deatherage, of Carrollton, Missouri, is a descendant of theirs.

(67.) Drucilla Harriet married Charles Morehead Johnson and moved to Missouri. They had a son, Charles Montgomery Johnson, who died in St. Charles, Missouri, June 7, 1910.

(68.) Polly married Philip Foushe.

*The maiden name of Mary, wife of Charles Ficklin, has been handed down to her descendants as Mary STROTHER, daughter of ANTHONY STROTHER of Spottsylvania County. It will be noted her first child was named in honor of Anthony Strother, and she had a granddaughter named Mary Strother Tate.

(Corrections have been made by Mrs.(George W.) Mary Johnson McElhiney) 

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