Previously, Doktor DynaSoar at Yetii Genetii Research InstiToot wrote:

You're welcome.


You, or anyone else wants to thank me, order some of your Turnaround

Season gifts from Ivan. I was trancespouting Dobbssian wisdom, and I

wouldn't have had the remote with which to access the channel but for

him. Like RevJack recently noted, we owe him.


And although I hate to add it to this message, I can smell some over

worked neural paths burning to blurt out about too much nicey-nice and

cuddly cute and FUCK THAT SHIT. That fucking nonsense about NEVER

getting along is just ANOTHER FUCKING BOX that someone wants to put me

in. The claims of over-reaching, ubiquitous HATE for each and every

other is WORTHLESS VOMIT from a mind too tiny to be able to conceive of

any other kind of interaction, a mind so miniscule and dead that it has

to have others behave in THAT VERY SAME WAY, in order to justify its

existence -- it can't STAND to stick out like a canker swollen penis and



Read that again. DO THE SAME.


Where have you smelled THAT phrase before Yetheren?

In Columbus I sat at a table in a nice restaurant with a dozen Yetii and

we had a GREAT time. We got along WONDERFULLY. It didn't bother me to be

with this large group, sitting at a bunch of tables pushed together in the

middle of the floor, surrounded by all kinds of pinks. I HAD FUN and

LIKED IT. And I am a mountain cabin dwelling hermit that counts it as a

good day when I don't have to drive into the nearby town of 5,000



Sure, we scratch and spit and arch our backs sometimes. But any being

with a one line playlist is a severly crippled social basket case and I

am no loner going to justify those shits by behaving in like manner.

Divisiveness is the legacy of the chimp descendents, not the bonobo

descendents. I ain't playing that.


I reserve the right to *act* like an asshole sometimes, but I am not

going to spend my life that way just so someone else can have a "life"

like that, which when it comes down to it, is ultimately an act. An ACT,

a useless, annoying LIE that they're just TOO FUCKING LAZY to give up,

too fucking STUPID to know they're only playing a shit bit part in their

own movie, and


to be able to let others live their lives to their own standards without

trying to paint them with their predictable dribble shit patter. Fuck it.


Fuck THEM.


Rather than wasting my hate by spreading it thin, I'm going to focus it

to laser point and drill straight through any such fuckhead that invades

MY life with their BULLSHIT LAZY FUCKING LIE OF A LIFE and squeeze the

juice from their pimple of a cranium.


And THAT will leave me plenty of time and energy to be nice if I feel

like it. And I feel like it. The Church gives me the PERMISSION to hate,

until I generate my OWN permission to own a normal emotion. IT DOES NOT

dictate this as a lifestyle, and if it did, it'd be the fucking CON and

I would be duty bound to KILL IT. But I've sat at the right hand of this

Church, and it did NOT smack me, but shook my hand and moved to sit at


MY right hand.

So, thank you for your kind words, Rev.

And I take back the "fuckin-A" from the other post re: Ivan and say

THANK YOU IVAN. and JESUS TOO. And Old Dot Eyes.


Set fire to the altar, children, The Doktor is back ON, under his own

power again.

Let's preach this place.


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