Senor Tomas Turkey is slathered up in olive oil, cloves,

cinnamon, echile peeper especial blend, and stuffed with oranges.


Oh, that's gotta burn.


Well, I'll get it out of the way: FUCK CHRISTMAS. Yes, it's not

original but it *is* inspired and said with passion. I'm not filled

with cheer and I'm not going to give thanks that I haven't been struck

blind during the year or had an organ invaded with cancer. I am not

going to count my blessings when every *good* thing that I have

recieved having re-activated my true heart, is countered with a

monkey's paw vengeance and slowly eats away at the tender budding

parts, the parts that grew back with the hoax of optimism and love and

that the "fair shake" was a reality. Ha, the new heart! never killing

it off no, keep that pain fresh until it goes

completely numb, and we can start over with even bigger and better and

more ironic dupes that are gua-ran-teed to pull me in. Leetle razor

sharp theethies from fates of the damned clamp down and the veil of

comfort after an exhuasted struggle is thrown back,exposing a huge,

unflattering, photo of me, plastered on the side of the South Coast

Towers Plaza building with the word "DICK" across the top......and I'm

standing in the crowd when everyone recognizes me and laughs and

taunts and points and I get "deer bowels", BAD! and the McDonald's

across the street wont let me use the bathroom.......and everyone is

watching....a few people actually taping....


Quiet around here. Even Bob, the alcoholic who is still fixing up the

'71 camaro in between his wife having kids is not here. It's just not

a holiday without Bob doing a burn-out in the driveway at 7:30 in the

morning to go buy booze before he has to put on his ill-fitting ten

year old suit from Sears and wait for the in-laws. Day off? Not for

Bob. As much as he HATES his job and everyone there that screws him

out of what is HIS, he'd still rather be there than at home. All day.

In his suit. Sneaking booze in his own home.


Wow. I'm sure glad I'm not Bob!

FUCK! I gave thanks! I counted a blessing!



ok, I give in. I don't know to what, but I give and enjoy my turkey,

my roomate, my immorality, my ISP account, my television and just


I'll enjoy it all.

yeah, Merry Christmas, kids, Merry Christmas

Sister (Agent) Rosebrit