>(Andrew J. Testa) wrote:

>: |A true student of the Armani Apes

>: |would see that it's IMPOSSIBLE to be a nonconformist: you'll ALWAYS do

>: |something that has a behavioral and societal label.


>Doing stuff that other people do doesn't make you a conformist.. Are

>people "conformist" because they eat and sleep? It's only conformity

>if you're doing something mostly because OTHER PEOPLE are doing it.

>That's a pretty minor factor in my actions. So TRYING to be different,

>you'll never be different, but just doing what you feel like doing..


>you can be different.


That reminds me of a theory I came up with to support the existence of

the Church of the SubGenius: that of the threefold shadow scam. Works

like this, ok, see:


Imagine a map of human behavior.

The lighted areas are behavioral patterns that are accepted by society.

Like being successful and wealthy and talking clean and being white.

That's where the majority of people go or want to go. That's scam one.

Total Conspiracy dupes want to be Good.


The dark areas are behavioral patterns that are rejected by society.

Like cussing and driving noisy bikes and getting tattoos and fucking a

lot. That's where certain subcultures will form. That's scam two.

So-called "rebels" are being handed pre-packaged rebellion as

predictable as the color of White Play-Doh.


There are areas in between the dark areas and light areas. Areas that

aren't actually part of the map, but which are given shape by the

shapes around them; like bodies of water or national borders. Like

coffee house poetry and ugly clothing. These are the implied rebellion

areas, where college-grad intellectual rebels go, under the impression

that this is "true rebellion" because it isn't as laid out as scam one

or two. But it is. It's scam three.


There's only one hope. Changing maps. Drawing your own. Doing your

damndest to put the lines where YOU want them, rather than

unconsciously duplicating the old map handed to you by the local

Conspiracartography franchise. It's very difficult, and it necessitates

that few, if any, SubGenii will be working off the same map at all. But

it does allow you to come up with your own scams one, two, and three,

and even to change them if you want or can.


Now that's comedy.


the Grand Clavister

[Thinking about this too much since 1970]