Previously, NENSLO at Teleport - Portland's Public Access (503) 220-1016 wrote:

I was already mad when I got to the bus stop and I stood there

hoping the bus would come soon so I wouldn't have to keep HATING all the

STUPID UGLY MORONS shambling past - the obese multiple mothers and their

damp slimy grubs, the ABSOLUTE FOOLS who bring their PEABRAINED CANINES to


idiotic mutts can entangle themselves nose-to-rectum, occupying whatever

sidewalk fragments the FAKE HIPPIES and HUMAN BEACHBALLS blundering out of

Ben & Jerry's with a gallon of GRATEFUL DEAD flavored fat-free frozen

yogurt had failed to COMPLETELY FILL UP with their STUPID FLAB-JIGGLING

NOVELTY TEE-SHIRT-clad cadavers - when this WELL-MEANING SOUL mistakenly

attempted TRICK ME into taking the piece of paper he was thrusting at me

and fooliishly gabbled,

"Hi! Do you care about the environment?... I bet you do!..."

I stood blank for a moment while the infinite answers to such an

empty question flicked one by one across my mindscreen. In desperation I

chose the path of honesty, uttering, "What a stupid question! GO AWAY!"

Thank god he did.

I know what I was SUPPOSED to say - "Why of course I care about

the environment brother! How can I help?" And he'd give me a petition or


What I was thinking was... What do you mean CARE, and what do you

mean ENVIRONMENT? Care like love or care like an allconsuming lust for its

destruction? CARING is only a mechanical attachment to the future state

of an object of cognition, neither good nor evil. I know there's a thing

nowdays called "the Environment" that Corporations like to talk about in

their advertising and can be purchased at Natural Food stores in the form

of an unbleached muslin tote bag with a caricature of the Planet Earth as

a Fat Mommy silkscreened on it, but my PERSONAL environment is one that I

don't like having FUNKED UP by two-dimensional thinkers and and fake

"solutions" to be tricked into working for. An ENVIRONMENT is any given

space occupied by an object of reference and all the contents and

influences of that space.

I guess that guy really cares about the environment, and I don't

or something, but I didn't see either of us picking up any of the trash in

the gutter.