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> >You've seen the bumper stickers "First Hillary, then Jennifer, Now Us".

> >We must rise up and reclaim that which is rightfully ours; the silken

> >gravy boats of America.


> Damn bumper stickers getting folks all Politically active an stuff. DAMN!


I haven't been the same since I saw my first "Forget, Hell!" tag. Oh, a

picture's worth a thousand words, but I'm not cutting and pasting

"Forget, Hell" 500 times. You know, the dumpy li'l feller with the

rebel flag...nevermind. But let me tell you I don't forget much since I

first saw that one! And the get your (picture of a heart) in Dixie or

get your (picture of a mule) out bumper sticker. Got my heart in dixie

on more than one occasion. And as for Russia Suckin', well, as the

apostle Paul said about "Speaking those things that are not as though

they were" may have actually made it suck! Hell, they could've been

having a real "Communist Party" back behind that big ol' iron curtain,

but the knee-jerk 'liberals' wanted to keep it a secret from us as much

as the right wingers did. We brought the Berlin Wall down, and they

were pissed 'cause we didn't bring our own damn liqour. The Wall wasn't

to keep people in, it really *was* to keep us out. All that grain we

were sending the Soviets back in the 80's was going straight into making

some of the most powerful moonshine that has ever been mass-produced!


Ever wonder why their technology, their TV, their women, just didn't

seem up to our American standards? WAKE THE HELL UP, PEOPLE. SOMEONE


CONSIDERATION! I'm absolutely positive that after some "Cold War and

Cola", they could not have cared less whether the TV sucked, the women

only looked good at closing time, and the few of them that *had* what

they *thought* were microwaves actually just had toaster ovens that were

the size of most people's apartments sportin' a sticker with a few

Japanese-looking characters hand-written on it. And they were damn

happy to get it! Because they were just damn happy to live in the

*real* land of the free and the home of the ladies' night that lasts all

winter. The "Party Line" started at the Kremlin and wound up at

Breznev's house. But our "Free" amerikan media told us these were bread

lines, gas lines, toilet paper lines. OUR MEDIA (as if you didn't know)

LIED TO US YET AGAIN! And as a result we cowered in fear for

generations, casting a leary eye on our neighbors, who only wanted us to

know that the world is BYOB. And now we've brought our "Quality

Control" procedures to them. Our mass marketing. Our fried chicken.

Our Playboy magazine. Our Sitcoms. Our prefabricated housing. Our

prestwood furniture with simulated woodgrain finish. Our bags of potato

chips that are only half full. They hate us now. Yeah, the next world

war will *not* be about oil, or who has the nukes: it's gonna be about

the laws that our "advisors" suggest to the beuraucrats who *really*

make the calls. It's not just mind control for profit, either! There

are deeper, stranger reasons, that I'm not exactly SURE what they mean!

You want examples? THIS IS ALL *REAL*, PEOPLE! A few quotes from the

advisor's report:

"all citizens will not be without a cellular phone, under penalty of

not less than 5 years incarceration."

"any citizen caught with their cellular phone with the batteries not up

to full charge is subject to fines and incareration for up to 6 months


"all males from the ages of 14 to 18 must register for selective

marketing tests lottery. All registered males will be marked by the

sign of the holy Nike "Swoosh" on the palm of their right hand, or on

their forehead if no right hand is available."

"all body piercing establishments will be licensed to practice in their

local civic office. In order to maintain health standards for the

benefit of all, any (micro-tracking device) rings or studs used in said

peircings must be aquired from the office of central government under

threat of losing licensure. Operating without a license can lead to up

to 45 years incarceration per offence (peircing service provided)."

"it will be unlawful to buy or sell a hamburger that does not have some

sort of 'secret sauce'. Special variance permits are required to

deviate from the standard 'Thousand Island' formula."


THIS IS REAL, PEOPLE. E-mail me if you want full text of the 72

recommendations that my friend told me about. The CON is NOT PLAYING

GAMES! And it won't be long before they start WWIII because of it! And

THEY DON'T GIVE A DAMN ONE WAY OR THE OTHER! They just want us to buy

enough to fall into line. IT'S LIKE WE'RE PAYING THEM TO CONTROL US!

And that's not necessarily a *bad* thing. Paying someone to control

your destiny for you would actually be quite convenient! To know that

you have no control, no say in the matter, hell, you could live and die

and not have to worry about it, never even having to think. But the

question I put to you now is: IS THAT WHAT YOU REALLY WANT? Or would

you rather have a real live cognative REASON why you don't have to worry

about it? That goes along with "You'll pay to know what you REALLY

think". Don't let them take the answers that you can buy (cheap!) and

replace them with the mind numbing goods and services that they'll hype

up and sell to you, things that it turns out that you could probably

make or do better your own damn self.

I hope this clears everything up. And I DO mean EVERYTHING.

Oh yeah, there's more message....

> >We don't have to spank our collective monkey


> He's RIGHT, Lets spank Crea'mo's monkey for him instead!


THAT'S ON THE LIST! Is the High Epoptilator yanking the "pecker" of the

advisory council? Is he a part of the conspiracy behind the

conspiracy? Or is HE in fact in bed and getting the proverbial

reach-around from this council or whoever controls them? Double agent?

Triple agent? Do we just trust him, blindly!!?? Or do we just spank

his monkey?

> >until judgement day! Do it for Yourself! Do it for America! Do it for Big

> >Jim and the Twins!


> Do "it" TO yourself, Do "it" to America, Do "it" WITH Big Jim and the Twins!!