Subject: Re: Subgenius as the "establishment"

Date: 25 Jan 1997 20:56:19 -0500

From: David F Lynch <>

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Newsgroups: alt.slack



Saint Bubba ( wrote:

: thats quite plainly spelled out in the books ivan and others have put


: THAT CANNOT BE CHANGED. we are contradictory by nature.


I disagree. (laugh track goes here)


: its IN OUR

:'s WHY WE ARE SUPERIOR. it's that natal sense of slack

: that has never left one with the proper structure and order of yeti

: recombinant DNA which allows this miracle of modern science to occur.


We're superior because, freed from the OBLIGATION to make sense, we

are capable of making more sense than anyone else could have dreamed.

We can look at a society of random bullfuvg and turn it into universal

truth. While still maintaining knowledge of the physical reality, the

reality advocated by the Conspiracy, we can delve into other forces

that shape reality, and by not posing a threat to them, gain the

knowledge of Odin. Or perhaps this is all metaphysical bullshit and we're all

deluding ourselves. That's the beauty of it.


: it's something to do with the chemical imbalances occurring EVERYWHERE

: SIMULTANEOUSLY within the physical shell of the subgenius that allows

: EVERYTHING s/h/it may say to be 100% correct, even if it contradicts

: something said a mere five minutes ago. that is why you, as a human,

: will perish come do not have the ultra-special homo

: exelsior gene sitting in your cranial genitals to implement such

: bulldada survival techniques...BE HAPPY HUMAN! WE MADE YOU INTO PRIME

: GRADE A MISERY and ambrosia FOR THE GODS...the least you could do is

: show a little respect to your betters.


More than that- it allows us to believe contradictory things at the

SAME TIME. The ULTIMATE GULLIBILITY of the Subgenius is what brings

her into a position where he can appreciate the ULTIMATE TRUTH- the

knowledge that PROFUNDITY IS STUPID. Truth is not concentrated in a

series of logical, rational statements- it's spread out among all the

amassed constructs of reality. By becoming the embodiment of LIES, we

gain immunity to their power, and thus can see the truth hidden in the

lies, while using our position as KING OF THE LIES to set them against

each other, kind of like the way the Justice Society of America was

sent off to that other dimension to fight Ragnarok for all eternity,

leaving us to just relax, and grab all the SLACK for ourselves. Dig?