Subject: Re: #SubGenius Diary

Date: Sat, 16 Nov 1996 16:58:07 -0500

From: Revpsych <>

Organization: -=| Seclorum Clench |=-

Newsgroups: alt.slack

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Dennis McClain-Furmanski wrote:


> Revpsych <> sent bitwaves which read:


> Well, shit, I don't know. It read like a topographic map of the Alps.


> Learn to set your page width to less than 80 so that people don't hurt

> themselves whipping their neck back and forth reading lines of 90

> characters interspersed with lines of 5.

> "We have but one purpose, and that remains unknown."


Hey... How would I do that.. should I not hit return and let you reader break it

up.. or are you saying I should like keep a ruler handy??? Please help.. I dunno

this stuff, and incase you skipped mu post... here it is again... heh


Brothers and Sisters, a moment of time if I may... I fear a terrable thing is

happening..As you know.. I am rather "green" in this realm (IRC, a.s. & a.b.s.) and

my notoriety seems to preceed me everywhere I go (whats new.. ie."the

Entity")...(Most of which is based on obvious misrepresentations of the facts..

retrobution for harmless stunts, set in motion by my own learning curve ;)) but I

am not writing this post to PsychoAnalize myself. No This Post concerns you as much

and more than I


As I said I am indeed new - like (1) year new... I have done basically nothin' for

"Bob" that has been published, or bought... YET. but I sell the word of "Bob" in

every paragraph that passes from my lips...and I buy "Bob" with every dollar in my

wallet ... I am not here to make money, Although.. that is my main purpose... for

with every dollar sent to "Bob" means one less dollar for the Con.. and maybe it

will have a chance to be spent furthering "the word" maybe it'll buy a fat bag..

and we'll share it at the next shin-dig... or maybe it will be used to print

somthing funny.. or what the fuck.. maybe it'll put a future SubG in the Oval

office.... who knows... who cares IT makes me laugh and it is gaurenteed to put a

smile on your face... Love that "Bob" you know... i'm wandering arent I?...



Hear me out.. I fear that *many* of my new found kin have becomecomplaisent in

there own little "pools of Slack" not questining the actions of those whom call

them selves fello Sub's ... Open your B.o.t.S.G.... if you can, yes I will wait...

yes thats it.. DUST it OFF... shame on you.... -cough-cough- jeez.... Open your

manual to page 17 if you will... yes there it it... ..Study that picture well...

what do you see? .... maybe its not what you see.. it may be what do you NOT

see???? for one.. you see ME... kicking back.. staying cool, right there in the

middle... taking it easy... werkin' both sides of the CON.. not trying to sway your

opinion.. just here to enjoy the slack it brings me (buy the 50 gallon drum, U.P.S.

no less) maybe you too sit here with me.... maybe we share knowelage.. maybe you

KILL ME! What you Do NOT see however.. in that picture at the bottom of page 17...

What you dont see there..IS an ASSHOLE named ICEKNIFE, who constantly tries to

manipulate his fello brothers and sisters in pursuit of slack, causing rifts, and

using his noteriety as an imaginative soul.. to propigate LIES about totally good

natured, young, deadicated SubGenius' who are just so fucking sharp, it scares

you.... IT should not... I am not looking to put you out of business... I am here

to channel buisness to your fromt door.. and weather you want me to or not... you

should welcome me... and laugh it off when my follys botch another good session..

its fun... work with me and be true to your SubG nature, for it is the way I must

learn.. it is the only way... "if it must be...then it is" - for you know who I

am... I was the the last child born of the 'Y' generation.. I am the cotterpin

between Y&X, which will utamately born the Z's and youthink you got a problem with

me... HA you havent a chance againgt the 'new and improved' 'Generation 3' model

cyber jokeyz to come... 'The New Werld' will be here before you know it, Like the

white man - across the red mans land.... you have no chance unless you embrase your

fears... and wake up, you may not like it but ....


I am the future, I am what you have been waiting for.. I spent $230 on new CD's

last month alone.. I will buy anything that looks cool.. and my wallet is fat,

hell I'd learn the universal language if only it had some hip bumps, and a highfive

or two in it.. I am deadicated to slack, as it's what I am being bread for, I am

the NextGeneration, my monkey wrenching is legendary - my ass meats NIJ STD 0101.03

& ML-STD-105 threat level 3 guidelines, I am A warrior for slack - I wil not be

denied, I read ALL the Motherfucking headers.. People who have never met me hate my

bare existance, I ride 'Net-Splits' Doggie-style, I can hack your channel - /kill

your nick - screw your chanserv, fuck your users girlfriends, smoke ICEKNIFES

undrewear and log off before the mornings first cup of cafe-plutoniumfusium-

amaretto, Q,W,X,Z, Chanserv, Nickserv, K9, and Raindancr get on their knees to

please ME!, I /kick-banned OMAR - for "Bob"s sake... Just who the hell do I think I

am.... you wont see ME comming.. Unless I want you to...and then You wont be able

to keep me outta your face, you can run.. but it will only make you tired, Thats

right.. I am a SubGenius ! and I refuse to allow your lack there of to create a

rift in the family... weather I am acknowleged or not... You see.. I DO IT FOR

LOVE, and you hate me! When X-day arrives, total anarchy will sweep the globe - Not

only do I want this to happen.. I am at the steering wheel... guiding it like a

cruise missle - learnig al its weaknesses.. all its strengths... all its purposes..

and all its dangers... For when X-day comes... the cards WIll be redistributed...

and I will be there.... to deal the new hand... YOU CAN BE THERE WITH ME... WE can

rule nothing togeather with everyone else. and be responsible for our collective

actions.... We can reshape the world.... but time is against us... Quit drawing

lines which only divides the church..... I do not demand obediance.. just fair and

equal treatmend based upon personal ability... I have ALLWAYS been fair...

sometimes I have been a bit out of control... Usually when someone wanted to make

me look bad, and took advantage of my good nature... I have given OPS to all that

frequent #SubGenius and maintained a cleaver and organized antiorganizational

conspiracy for our side... its joints packed hard with truth, fairness, and slack

for all, even to those who have proven to have very low regards for there fellow

SubGenius' We canot do it alone... and free help is the best kind.... If your only

here for the Money... then get behind me and sweep it up... if your with me in love

(love for whatever... even for love of War) then stand beside me... cause I could

use your help. Looking through all the BULLSHIT... Its all about networking,

meeting those who agree with your ideas, or atleast will aid your own cause for

their own reasons.. and in case you havent been paying attention.. I came from

nowhere... seized the slack I had comming... and am working it for all its worth...

Last time... I DO IT FOR LOVE. Join me.... or dont.... Either way I win.. 'cause

all I want is fun and knowlege.. and I get it weather I win or loose #subgenius..

the channel or the cause.... This is absolutly the last time I will ask.... I am

begging you, Drop your false sheild of ignorance, synch-up quit destroying your

self.. and lets join ALL our resources, and Make Religion a KickAss

Adventure ... raising hell... but dont forget why you are doing it... because sure

enuf you shall be smitten... The LuckPlane tilts in my direvtion at a 90. degree

angle for 8 hrs. a day... dont let it goto waste....


its not soo much as what sells over the internet.. its what catches on and spreads

beyond.... that counts.. its the cyber phreaks that make the shareware most of the

IRC'rs navagate with... for their 'power' games... You think Night Flight did

somthing for The SubGenius Foundation... you just wait to se what IRC wil do... I

offer my assistance to all... I am here to welcome, and maintain the welcoming of

the welcomees... thats it.. noone was here to do it b4me... so I did what I do

best... and will continue undaunted. -Prabob


Novus Ordo Seclorum - its on every dollar you spend.....

and you probably never even bothered to find out why.....

ah well, thats the way it goes.....

you may go back to sleep now....