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The Air We Breathe


If one commodity was chosen as the single most important resource in

our Global Neighbourhood without a doubt it would be the air we



Without oxygen, life on this planet would not exist as we know it; and

that's why Happyclown Inc. is thrilled to introduce our latest client,

General Electric, and their wonderful new Electronic Tree.


Oxygen is produced primarily by photosynthesis; the process by which

plants convert water and carbon dioxide to sugar and oxygen; we are

dependent on plants and trees to create our air.


We Have to Use Our Land Efficiently


Our planet earth is really a small place, and as our society grows we

have less and less free space; the amount of spare land that we can

employ to contain large forests for producing our oxygen is getting

more and more limited.


Well, we all know the planet isn't going to get any bigger, so we have

to find more efficient ways to use the land that we have. Of course we

still need air -- but wouldn't it be great if we could produce that

air without having to dedicate separate land for it? If we could have

an oxygen source that would blend in with our civilized environments

and still produce sufficient air?


The Beautiful and Practical Electronic Tree


Well that's exactly what GE's new Electronic Trees do! About the size

of a regular tree, the electronic tree uses an electrochemical process

that's astonishingly similar to the natural process of photosynthesis

used by trees, but vastly more efficient. Not only does one GE

Electronic Tree produce several hundred times the amount of oxygen of

its organic twin but the decorative Electronic Tree is completely self

sustaining in any environment; all it needs is minimal access to water

and light and it will pump out gallons of fresh air continuously with

very little maintenance.


So let's all draw a sigh of relief! GE's Electronic Tree is a boldstep

forward in ensuring that our Global Neighbourhood will continue to

have fresh air to breathe.



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