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This is a really spooky web site <>. You can

search 17 million Texas drivers by name, driver's license number or

license plate number. When you find a person, you can then find everyone

at that address with a license. You can even find everyone with the same

9-digit zip code. The record does not have a GIF of the photo, but it

has everything else on the license.


Did Psychos-R-Us request this site? "Could you create a database so I

don't miss anyone when I go on a killing spree on the 900 block of



"28 my ass. I just checked the web and it says you were born 1965. Not

ready to admit to be post-30? I'm not buying the 'I weigh 110' either. I

read 118 plain as day."


"I can't believe it. That asshole just cut me off. Well, Mr. ZBW-446,

I guess a little midnight visit is in order to 1918 Grover St. Prepare to

be stalked."


"Johnny, I looked up your record last night and I couldn't believe my

eyes. You're livin' in sin with that Sally Jenkins slut. How could you do

this to your Dad & me? You move out now or we're gonna cut off your

college money!"


Public Link says this is public information, but where are the good old

days when you had to have a friend down at the Dept of Public Safety who

would look plate numbers up for you? If it was good enough for Rockford,

it's good enough for me. Suprress your phone number & address from the

phone book, but then it shows up in a searchable database on the web.


Lot of good that did you. Now all those 7th Day Adventists know excatly

where you live. Privacy, schmivacy.




Public Link Corporation

Public Databases on the Internet

5930-E Royal Lane Ste 173, Dallas, TX 75230

(214) 890-6817

Welcome to Public Link Corp., the Information Source of the Internet.

We are here to provide public access to public information and public



The company uses data obtained from public sources currently available

through the Freedom of Information Act and Open Records Laws. We

believe it is the citizen's right to have this information available

for their use.


We expect to grow our database offerings to you over the next several

months. Many times you have needed the type of information we provide

and have had to use varous methods to obtain the information. Some of

these methods you would prefer not to have to use again. Not any more!

Just sit back and let us do the work for you. If you have a special

suggestions or request, please let us know. Come and join us as we

enter the information age!

- - ----------------------------------------------------------------------


State of Texas Licensed Drivers. Over 17,000,000 Texas Drivers License

Information. Updated weekly. This database contains the information

contained on a person's drivers license. Data included are Name,

Address, Weight, Birth Date, Sex, Expiration Date, Status (Active or

Suspended), Class of License, and Restrictions. This database does not

contain information on a person's traffic tickets, DWIs, or Insurance

information. Search either by name or if you know the drivers license

number, search by number.


State of Texas License Plates. Over 16,000,000 license plates with

accompaning information. Updated weekly. This database contains the

information about the owner of a vehicle. This database does not

contain insurance information. Search currently only available by

plate number.


Registered voter role for Dallas County Texas. This database also

contains voting history for each of the one million registered voters.

This database is updated quarterly.






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