I've been thinking about Lou's Sunday Morning Sermon, and about Gandhi, Jesus, and forgiveness. I suspect that Gandhi, like Jesus, advocated the virtue of forgiveness. Well I'm here to tell you they were WRONG! Are you gonna take the word of DEAD MEN over LIVING, FIRE-BREATHING SISTER PAMMY OF THE SOIL? Shout "HELL NO!" brothers and sisters!

When someone crosses, betrays or messes with me, his soul is condemned in that moment to the asphalt parking lot of hell; his memory is buried in the NY city landfill; his corpse gets donated to a research lab studying flesh-eating diseases! Forgive? Never!

BUT...neither do I hold a grudge. Gandhi, the Christians, and a whole buncha other people have this forgiveness stuff confused. As long as you're busy forgiving somebody, or more likely TRYING to forgive, you're worrying about an event that's over, done with, gone from time. You're wasting your efforts. Better to unleash the blackest bile you can--rant, preach, scream, pound those typewriter keys, get it out of your system and THEN GET ON WITH LIFE.

Little kids do this real well. They bloody each other's noses and fifteen minutes later are off building forts together. Adults get confused about what they SHOULD do, take the programming taught by churches and other mind-bending institutions, muddle it all together with the "I'm gonna kill you!" impulse, and proceed to make a big mess of the simple, serene, and sane process of TOTALLY BLOWING ONE'S FUSE.

So I tell you, children-- kill your enemies for a little while when you need to and then move on. Kill your friends, too when they piss you off. Instead of trying to "forgive and forget", forget forgiveness, it doesn't work.