Previously, TarlaStar at Little Sisters of the Perpetually Juicy wrote:

"A few religions have actually attempted to shock faith-heads OUT of

patterns to 'wake them up"; but, even if it works at first, the

faithful will find a way to latch, lampreylike, onto some isolated

aspect of the new belief structure so they can mentally shut down


changing pattern, more like a psychedelic computer animated fractal

video mandala than an endless loop. (It's still an endless loop, it's

just a MUCH MUCH LONGER one.) It's no help at all denying reality.

Just the opposite.-- it pulls the rug right out from under you and

forces you to fall flat on your face on the hard, broken,

glass-covered concrete floor of the real world, JUST when you THOUGHT

you had it ALL FIGURED OUT...The SubGenius Minister encounters a

potential controlee and asks itself: what is this person's weakness?


What is his compensation for that weakness? What makes him feel most

compensated? Secret knowlege of the UFO? The idea that he's some sort

of SPECIAL PERSON? contributing wonderful vibes that will energize

others? Or is he simply ugly and frustrated, and desperately wants to

feel like a superhero in some way? Okay, we can give him that; he can

become an Overman-in-training. He can even have a secret identity and

Church Name. Is he a closet religious nut who refuses to admit it?


Well, we'll teach him to invent his own religion, but we'll secretly

implant him with OUR framework...Pinks will buy anything if you charge

enough for it. How do you think this Church got where it is?

As Dobbs said, "Appearances are EVERYTHING." If you project some

concocted fantasy with enough sheer brazen audacity, people will come

to accept its reality without ever asking any questions. "(1)



CHANGE. You are NOT ALLOWED to get used to things. You have

expectations...about ME or anyone else, then you are falling into the

trap...and you think you're so goddamned smart don't you? You found

the Church. You're in on the joke. You get it. Well you DON'T get it.

They're laughing at you, Boy. Do you think because you GOT THE JOKE

that you aren't a PART OF IT? You think you're special because you see

THEM? Them is YOU...Them is ME. Yeah, you're special. Buy another



"Identifying the disease is the first step in the cure. The Conspiracy

thrives on ignorance. It makes its subjects THINK that they think for

themselves. YOU probably think that you think for yourself--and that

just proves how deceptive the Conspiracy really is. Not only do they

sell it, but you bought fact it's all they can do to keep up

with the demand! They haven't had it so good since the Romans charged

conquered nations a fee to help defray the cost of occupation. The

Conspiracy controls not only water and food and all so-called

authorities, They even have a monopoly on the counterconspiracies as

well! What better way to control the rebellion than to be the ones

leading it? It's so simple And yet, you fell for it. In fact, you're

falling for it again, RIGHT NOW...


The sheer mass of lies and illusions you have to live make a little

more sense with every raise you get. You are rewarded SO WELL for

mediocrity. It hardens you, makes you indifferent to the woes of the

world, even to immediate disasters right in front of you. You and

fifty others can watch from your apartment windows while someone is

being gang raped and no one calls the police. IT'S N0T YOUR JOB, and

your job is all you can afford to care about.


Your job, your status, and your MONEY always seem to have value

somebody. But inside, you know those to be empty vanities and there's

NOTHING ELSE, so your LIFE has no value. You can't seem to detect real

feelings in yourself or other people, so you end up trying to make due

with manufactured feelings from religion, say, or meaningless job

ambitions, or ordinary drugs, or TV. You develop a fatalistic "No

Future" outlook and a "glamorous" death wish.


Not every SubGenius survives this Stark Fist of Reality. Many die or

might as WELL die, from JUST GIVING IN and GIVING UP.

There's but ONE THING that prevents us from EVER SURRENDERING, our ONE


indominitable, unswerving HATE...a state of mind in which you love

NOTHING not even HATING. You hate hating, too. In fact, the thing you

hate MOST, out of all the universe of hateful things, IS the HATE. But

everything has become the finally, THERE'S NOTHING LEFT TO



This is the final stage , the transcendant level of hate...You bend

all your hate toward that, you disappear into that, you give yourself

up to it YOU BECOME THE HATE...leaving boundless love in your heart

for all things.


Hate is the liberating force. If you are not free to hate, then you

are a slave to the Conspiracy. And only those who do not hate

themselves can truly hate everyone else."

I hate, and I am at the point of hating hate itself, I am becoming the

hate, and I think that I'm the greatest thing since flush toilets.


What I can't understand is if you make me into a Goddess, a fountain

of wisdom, what the hell are you doing questioning my opinion? What's

a person have to do to get blind obedience and unquestioned adoration

around here? Smoke a pipe? Fuck, I'm smoking as we speak (mind to mind

in an Internet sort of way) . Work with me people!



In the course of exploiting my abnormality potential, I will let no

one stifle my Inner Spoiled Child. If my deep sensitivity must be

expressed in a way that causes injury to others, with, for instance,

chainsaws and blowtorches, the delicate genius of my artistic soul

must be protected at all costs, so that I might achieve my greatest

masterpieces, even if the price be the maiming of a few

inconsequencials. I demand others to aid the healing process of my

delicate psyche, help build my self-esteem, and nurture my

free-expression. A 40-hour work week would be too stressful to one so

vulnerable, so I force others to support me. If I feel nurtured by

sitting around the house watching TV all day or if my productivity

lies in producing apathy, lethargy and billowing clouds of marijuana

smoke, then I must follow my Slack. If everything I want is not handed

to me on a silver platter, I'm in danger of hurting myself or others.


If to exploit, injure or rob others would help me grow, under no

circumstances should they deny me my needs, as this too could damage

my Yeti Self. When crude insensitive people try to inhibit my free

expression, it only fills me with a greater sense of self-loathing,

justifying ANY further actions I might take."(3)


"So you say you want to join. But this isn't a club. We're not even an

organization. We're a disorganization , a confederation of chaos

organized to diorganize the system! The best way to join us is to

unjoin yourself from everyone else including ourselves. So what are

you waiting for?



If you use this church as a pattern for your life, you are a part of

the Conspiracy. If you believe what I tell you, then you are a fool. I

cannot be trusted. I am a part of the Conspiracy. Everything I tell

you comes from the Con. If you think this electronic playpen

qualifies as friendship, you're sadly mistaken. If you think you

aren't a part of the Conspiracy, you're fooling yourself. If you think

you're special or different then you aren't looking deeply enough at

others. When anyone creates an us versus them, they're playing the CON

game. The Church is a CON game and they admit it. Why can't the

membership figure it out?



Show us a SubGenius who's all sweetness and light and we'll show you a

Bobbie, not to mention a ninny and a twit. By the same token, show us

a SubGenius who is all hate and no Slack , and we'll show you ANOTHER

Bobbie. ...These tend to be the most fanatical activist Bobbies--

until they decide they hate the Church too, and become shrill

shrieking anti-SubGeniuses who Blacken "Bob's" SWEET NAME!!!



A relatively common 'type' of True SubGenius is the Outcast

Triumphant. Slack awareness often induces an outsider-to-hero

character mutation. Sometimes however, those Outcasts Triumphant go

too far and become Nazis. They hate everything that is popular, even

if it is good; they consider themselves more intelligent than Normals,

yet they can't support themselves. They believe all the wrong lies in

the Book of The SubGenius...we must admit that we do not always expel

these "Little Hitlers," but instead USE them for gruntwork. Of course,

come X-day, they'll be the first ones we'll have lined up against the

wall and SHOT."(5)

If Revelation X says it, then it's groovy, but if Tarla asserts the

same thing...


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