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In alt.slack RevLurch <> wrote:

: Are there any of you out there who have never done or said anything

: they would rather not see plastered on the front page of a newspaper,

: or hell, even printed here on Alt.Slack? Well, I have. Plenty of

: things. And I'm proud of them, for the most part. I'll be dipped in

: shit if I think it's laudable to be the sort of programmable

: sheep-dork that toes a line a bunch of fatass bureaucrats and

: crap-for-brains media hacks have the power to demarcate and relocate

: at will.


I say good for you!

I also say I have never said anything about Niggers, Jews, Japs, Chinks,

Wogs, Wops, Bohunks or any other sociocultural group that I would be

ashamed to have plastered as above for the simple reason that being a

member of such a group is insufficient provocation for the receipt of MY

HOLY HATRED when the mere state of BEING ALIVE and therefore probably

BEING IN MY WAY in some fashion is enough for me to wish upon even my own

tiny white-haired and now deceased grandma such torments as you cannot



I just HATE PEOPLE BECAUSE THEY ARE THERE. Anything less is a waste of my

time and an insult to myself. Any dumb butt fool enough to say something

about a target group of any kind, of a nature which could possibly damage

their own reputation in any way, deserves every last bit of punishment any

opposed group of ignorant knee-jerkin' inverse-fascists can dish out.

Survival of the fittest. Stupidity is self-punishing. Anybody who is too

dumb to get around even the HARSHEST AND MOST EXTREME censorship gets only

what they brought on themselves. More and better censorship hones the

intellect an promotes creative thought.

The weak weed themselves out.