(NoGnuTaxes) wrote:

Hi. I'd rather not give you my name, because I can still get court

ruled against me. I am looking for support group therapy group in

Santa Monica West LA area. I have Tourette syndrome and Obsesive

compulsive Disorde rfor all my life. I was determined learning

disabled in Jr high, but went thru high school with almost B average.


I never dated in high school because whenever I looked at girl I had

compulsion to grab thigh or tit or butt. I am afraid if I was on a

date I would grab and I would in trouble. Had afew dates in early

20s, but never had a second date. I was so tight on dates

not-twitching I couldn't say anything. I wouldn't have dated me

another time.


Then four years ago disaster struck. I was real sleepy on a crwowded

bus. I was standing and a woman stood right in front of me. She

stood in profile and was dressed to accentuate her body. I grabbed

her tit. As soon I knew what I did I fell to the floor crying. The

ex-marine made a big macho show of subduing me while I was in a fetal



So I'm in jail and they charge me with a felony like I raped her. And

all the prosecutors and all the judges (except 1 :) are total

assholes and they tell me I'm getting convicted of a felony if I don't

plead guilty to the misdemeaner. But my lawyer says I can't get worse

than misdemeaner at trial. So I get a trial judge who's doing my

motion to dismiss the felony before trial, and I think he's going to

hang me, but then he turns around and dismisses the felony and says he

doesn't want to have the misdemeaner trial, cause he doesn't want me

to be a sex offender.


So I get his plea bargain where I stay out of jail everything is going

to get set aside. I needed to see different doctors and therapists,

and I also needed to be in a support group. I think the judge thought

that he sends drunks to AA so he needs to send me Tit-grabbers

anonymous. But there's no such group. There's a word Frotteurism for

grabbing people, but there's no support group for Frotteurism is too

rare. I'm diagnosed for Tourette Syndrome and Obsesive Compulsive

disorder, so I'm sent to support groups for that. But the support

groups I went to told me not to come back. At one tourette group,

three men stated that they compulsions much like mine, and I saw a

forth nodding agreement, and then the group voted unanimously to kick

me out. The judge didn't want to send me to a normal sex offenders

support group, he said I didn't belong there, so he let me slide on

that, and then he set aside my case anyway and said I wasn't a

registered sex offender.


But now there's Megan's law, and the Police come visit to find if

there's still a sex offender living at my place. Somehow my offense

is still in the system for another six years, and they have to tell

all my neighbors. This is about grabbing one tit in nearly 30 years

of handling with my compulsions. The judge still likes me, and he's

trying to help straighten this out, but he says there's new laws and

new rulings and he and my lawyer are dickering about what is ex post

facto. They've agreed I satisfy the original plea agreement, I get ex

post facto and the case gets set aside, and I'm not a registered sex

offender. To do that I need to go to a Tourette Syndrome and/or

Obsesive compulsive support group. But this may not be enough,

depending on a ruling in the appeals court.


So far the Judge is keeping my picture out of my neighbors mailboxes,

but I may need to join a support group as soon as the appeals court

rules, unless they rule against me, or unless we get the other ruling

on amending the plea agreement, etc,etc,etc.