CatNipped <> wrote:

: MegaLiz wrote:

: > Deny it all you like, but this IS cute!!! Besides, "Bob" apparently

: > needs more wiccans.


: OK, so sometimes my whimsical turn of phrase gets taken for "cute". Mea

: Culpa! I just too enjoy a witty retort that can be interpreted on many

: different levels. It's even better when most of those levels are

: funny.


Nono, I have not too clearly expressed my belief, it seems! The RILLY

CUTE bit is when you explain YOURSELF, "I NipperKitty am a witty

kitty, a pretty bitty kitty of WIT!! With a farcical intellectual

tangle of string, I can do most anything!!!" It really is just

downright ADORABLE. It is, IT IS!!!


: "Bob", however, seems to take everything just a bit too seriously.

: Besides, anyone coming after my scalp best look to his own! ;>


Yes, indeed, "Bob" is a very serious dude. You have that much

untangoed. He WILL have your pelt if it suits him, though.



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