cuthulu ( wrote:

: On 18 Mar 1996 05:13:15 GMT, (gg gordon) wrote:

: It's long past time for a youth movement.


I agree, but...


: We need to keep stang as a figurehead, but Will O'Dobbs should really

: call the shots. Matthew Carey takes the place Puzzling Evidence; David

: Lynch moves into Janor's vacant digs. Modemac chooses his spot, and I'll

: take control of a brand new department in the church (actually an old

: one currently seriously underfunded) -- The Laser Project. Support the

: Laser Project!


Yeah! The kinder, gentler church! I like it! Young people bring WAY

more Slack than old! In fact, let's abolish Mozart and make Alanis

Morissett and Hootie and the Blowfish compulsory! FUCK those old

tired geezers and their "classics"! I don't care if Janor is actually more entertaining

than David Lynch, at least David Lynch isn't SNOTTY! Who does that old

washup Janor think he is, swaggering around like he's better than the

rest of us? We should show them what happens to uppity "geniuses" who

think they're so great! I think it's a DAMN SHAME that culture in this

country has a memory span of 15 minutes, I think it should be LESS! We

should treat culture the way the French treated GOVERNMENT during the

REVOLUTION, dammit! All power and attention to the ordinary people! No

one should get special privileges due to being more intelligent, virtuous

or noteworthy than the mean, because that would leave SOME people feeling

worthless and unhappy! Better for us all to buy the world some coke, and

sing in perfect harmony...


: This leaves the positions vacated by Nenslo, Sterno and GG Gor still

: open. Applications will be accepted between the hours of 25 o'clock and

: eleventy-one at our new cyberspace world HQ

: We offer a generous retirement program; the old guard is still living,

: right? That's generous.


All so-called messiahs who do not fulfil my expectations of providing me

with endless happiness without changing my current beliefs or routine,

and who go more than 15 minutes without entertaining me DESERVE to be

crucified! Gimme enlightenment on a silver platter, or I'll replace you

with the Church Lady, who is a FAR better model for how people should be

than some smirking, brazen, indolent weirdoes who THINK THEY'RE SO


-Wanda QPM