Jesus Christ will always love you...

And will eternally continue to save your soul, and salvage your existence. The Lord is watching you. Day and night, and has been for two thousand years. This chain has been sent to you for a reason. Just look at your life-reflect for a moment on the ways in which you treat people, and the way that they treat you. Are you satisfied? Well, this chain is meant to travel the entire world over, and has been, since return eternal salvation will be yours once you obey the words in this text. This letter will show you, and many others the way, and through to the light of God, in all His glory and grandeur. Its a cold world out there, and Jesus understands...for Jesus was the loneliest man on earth when he was on that horrible cross-and he was there because he owed a debt he could not pay, and in turn, paid a debt he did not owe. FOR YOUR SOUL. Jesus understands you like no other human being can. He even knows you better than you know yourself. And thatís a fact.


If you choose not to spread the word of our Savior, you are only condemning yourself to hell. God gave us all free will, and in turn, God is free to punish unmercifully. Not only are you depriving those who need the salvation of this letter, you are depriving yourself at getting a once in a lifetime chance at the wonders of Gods miracles, and all the many mystical powers you will be able to attain after sending out 5 copies of this chain within 200 hours, including the original.


On a few occasions, when this chain letter was received, it was ignored. Skeptics, Like "Laura McPerez" of La Mirada California was found decapitated, with crosses burned into her arms, and her entire uterus carrying a small fetus was torn out through her naval-autopsies report that she was also sodomized before her death. Yes, a skeptic Atheist at heart. She decided not to make an effort to make the five copies. Some say she was a stupid bitch-well, Jesus wouldnít go that far as to call her a stupid bitch. Just under the thumb of Godís wrath. And Jesus only wants you to love him as much as he loves you...and if you donít open up your arms and let Jesus find you?


Well, here is another example of one who did not heed this chain. "Shaun De La Marion" of Norwalk California received this chain in September of 1995. He, like so many others, mocked the good word. And made the mistake of BURNING this chain letter. For five days he was plagued with nightmares, and constantly woke up in cold sweats. Ten days finally came around and he was found brutally dismembered, with coffee grounds scattered amongst his mess. And there were water beetles packed far into his intestines. He owned a Starbucks-but coincidentally his wife received THE SAME chain letter 24 hours after her husband "Shaun's" death...and hecame back from the dead, all in one piece, to join his family again, and to collect his life insurance claim...2.7 MILLION DOLLARS. All because his grieving wife sent the chain on its way to those who needed salvation.


This chain letter has not only brought people back from the dead, but it has also attained the miracle of all miracles to actually see Jesus Christ himself! Yes, this chain helps you to actually see the Lord, in person. Even the paraplegic of this world have gotten up on their own very two feet.

A man who was suffering from premature ejaculation received this chain-and what do you suppose happened? He knelt down to Jesus Christ and prayed and prayed, and PRAYED for an end to his ailment...he then distributed the five copies, including the one in his possession one (1) hour after receiving this letter. His diligence made God happy, thus avoiding His wrath. God was so pleased he gave this man back his "pride"...

So-for the power of the Lord to work for you, and perform absolute MIRACLES, you must make the five copies of this chain, and distributed to those who need eternal salvation. Do so within 200 hours of receiving this, and the original copy must leave your hands...God doesn't want you to hog all his glory.