Former CEO of the SubGenius Foundation, Reverend Ivan Stang announced

today that the selling of the Dobbshead (TM) copyright to Bob Dean of

Toronto was phase one of a plan to launch a massive attack on the weary

populous of this planet with a wholly new religion set to "open its

doors" on the first of January 1998.


The new religion, founded by Rev. Ivan Stang, will be called The

Church of the StanGenius. Sources report this new religion will be just

similar enough to the religion now owned by Bob Dean, yet dissimilar

enough to avoid costly lawsuits and copyright infringements.


The StanGenius Foundation will also be housed in Dallas Texas, at the

same headquarters used for the SubGenius Foundation prior to the Dean

Take-Over. Overseas Headquarters will be housed in the recently renamed

Ivantown, Malasia. The new 'trademark' of this church is a blown up

black and white photocopy of Rev. Ivan Stang's head, taken from a

cut-rate Xerox clone when Stang stuck his head into the photocopier.

It is almost as grainy as the original Dobbshead, but instead of dots,

they are more like smudges.


Prime notables regarding this new church include the Launching of the

Iceknife Palmer head, a rechristening of Stang's Radio Program to

henceforth be known as "the Hour of Stang", talk of pigs, the smoking of

Habragbroagfbran (or smoking 'bro'), and the announcement of a wholly

new End of the World date, slated for the day after Labor Day, 2088.

"I figure I'll be dead by then and people can believe I'll return from

the dead on that day," Rev. Ivan Stang was allegedly quoted as saying,

from a relatively not too dependable source.


This announcement does not come as a surprise to Doktor Zachary

Carleton. He announced publically back in 1987 his belief that Stang was

eventually going to hypnotize everyone into worshipping him. However, no

one listened to the Doktor at the time because several nameless SubGenii

ridiculed him as a "Bobbie". The subsequent death threats caused

Carleton to go into hiding for three years for fear of his life.


"Everything is occurring just as I imagined it," said Doktor Zachary

Carleton when asked about the latest turn of events, "only it's all in



Jesus Christ could not be reached for comment.



"J. R. 'Bob' Dobbs faked his own death and went into hiding

to get away from people like me!"

- the Impossibly Reverend Judy Graham

"Brag Of The Bobbie"


Doktor Zachary Carleton - True Bobbie and Clone for "Bob"

http://www.flash.net/~bobdobbs <--still under contstruction