Subject: Being on Fire; an excremeditation

Date: 11 Mar 1997 00:12:11 GMT

From: "Myrkury" <>

Organization: Steel Toad Clench

Newsgroups: alt.slack


We spend almost all our time not being on fire, yet fire is one of the

four traditional elements and without it we would be cold and there would

be no toast. We owe it to ourselves to contemplate fire. Not just fire,

but related concepts as well: flamability, burning, burnt, inflamability.


Fire has been used by man and yetikind for a very long time. Fire is used

to burn toast, puppies and virgins. What other element is so universal

that it can bring those three things together?


Fire is a powerful tool as well. A big enough lever can move a building,

but a tiny little match can fix what's wrong with Southern California.


Fire does more than just physical work, it can effect you psychologically

as well. Gaze into a fire and the genes of some tiny rodent-like ancestor

will scream up through the aeons "THIS IS IMPORTANT STUFF!" Being such an

important tool the CON don't want you use it how you see fit. They want

you to burn DURAFLAME logs. They outlaw cooking over fire that is not CON

controlled and authorized, like LA's air pollution comes from charcoal

grills rather than CON factories. Interest in fire is labeled a sexual

perversion. Big fires are particularly prohibited, you need a CON issued

licence for a Bonfire ("beautiful fire"), you need a CON issued licence

for fireworks. The CON wants to surround us with inflammable objects

until we have no choice but to pay for the fire maintained in generating

stations by the CON utility company or only burn the CON delivered poison

gas that gets pumped into our homes. Think about that, you let a quasi

governmental corporation install a poison gas line into your home and then

YOU pay THEM for it. Used to be if you wanted toast you could just set

you kids PJs on fire, but now everything in your home is UL listed (that

means inflammable).


In a way, fire is like slack. Everyone has the capability to make their

own for free. Once you have a little you have everything you need to make

more. But if you make too much the CON notices you and beats you down

cause your only supposed to get it from them. If you enjoy it in large

quantities in non-CON authorized contexts you are labeled a sexual

deviant. But they are both your birthright and you must take them back.


Now personally I'd rather be full of slack than on fire, but fire is

better in one important way. Getting others to open up to true slack can

be a difficult task, many people are so brainwashed that they don't even

believe it exists. But everyone, no matter how thoughroughly programmed

by the CON, can be set on fire and once someone is on fire they can

comprehend slack. So despair not fellow ministers! If you find your words

falling on deaf ears you now have a powerful teaching tool. Search out

those most in need of slack, who are sadly often the most resistant to

having their eyes opened, and set them on fire. They will thank you for

it later.