Me, indecisive? I don't think I am, do you?

Previously, Berin Kinsman at L'Avventura Games wrote:


Okay, I've tried it for years, but I can only keep the masquerade going

for so long. There reaches a point when I GOTTA bust loose.


Every time I go for a new job, I have to make full use of my talent for

schizopheniatrics to make myself "presentable" to an employer. This

usually means shaving the beard, back, arms and forehead in order to

appear more "human" and less intimidating, and pulling my glorious shaggy

mane back into a ponytail so as not to overly offend the conservative

types. Sometimes i go so far as to put on a tie, although every tie I own

has a picture of some cartoon character or other on it.


I've been in this day job for 7 months now, while L'Avventura ramps up,

and I CAN'T TAKE IT ANY MORE! I'm Yetisyny, Bobdamnit! I'm growing my fur

back. I'm letting my hair down. I'm wearing my Black Converse Chuck Taylor

All-Star High Tops, the most SLACKFUL footwear ever invented, in to the

OFFICE, and they can face the wrath of a WHITE RUBBER TOE in the ASS if

they don't LIKE it!


These clueless fuckers need me more than I need them. We've got two people

that fuck up on a daily basis and can't manage to get fired, so I fear


Deep breath.


When I was younger, it used to bother me that people would cross the

street when they saw me coming. It was almost hurtful, the look of terror

that would flash in their eyes before they glanced away, pretending to not

look. I mean, I'm a nice guy, I don't bite. Often. Or very hard. Most of

the time. Unless provoked.


FUCK THEM. Fear me. Recognize in me that which you fear most, a free

being, someone who doesn't GIVE a SHIT about falsely imposed standards.


Know that I strive to live a life that you don't have the balls to live.

Puppies, kittens, and small children still flock to me and follow me,

because they know me. I am their beloved Uncle Bear. They bring me

gifts of candy and fudg'icles and frsh fruit-- yes, even the kids! They

have more courage than the foolish adults who assume me to be a monster.


And I am their protector, for in dreams I slay the boogiemen, or at least

take them out drinking and get them too bagged to be harmful.


So run away. Fail my test. Grant me power over you by avoiding that which

you don't understand. Elevate me to the level of superstition within your

pantheon of personal phobias. Let me be as a god of waking nightmares, far

more horrifying in your own imagination than I could ever be in real life.

Puny humans. I have no need to destroy you. Your feckless lack of

understanding will see to your downfall.


-Rev. B.E.M. Kinsman,

"your beloved Uncle Bear"


Berin Kinsman

Publisher, L'Avventura Games