The Artist Formerly Known As "Q Ro Laren ( wrote:

: So stop posting garbage shit on alt.slack--we don't give a rat's ass about

: your Marxist ways, or the fact that you think Bob Dole is a great fucking

: guy. NO ONE CARES--hint to heidi_HO and Antoino (Antonia? Whatever)! If

: you really want to know what's up, send $1 to the Church of the

: SubGenius--eternal salvation or TRIPLE your money back! That's better than

: anything your new leader or Bob Dole (same difference) could EVER

: promise!!!

: -Ro-

This charmingly blunt statement addresses a point which has caused

me some disturbance, namely the posting of dull blabbering about such

ShadowPuppet Condupe traps as MereHume "Polotics" and Incredibly Staged

Like Hollywood Playboy Scum On Top Artificial Robot "CELEBRITIES,"

Frankenstein Eyesight Television and Frankenstein Earphone Radio False

"PERSONALITIES" - in fact the very opposite, NON-personalities, phony

robotic instrumental beings playing out poorly crafted FALSE LIES, for


MereHume politics of this nation or any other nation are a

false-front pretence circus parade, and the more noise they make the more

important it is to try to discern what it is they are trying to keep you

from noticing THIS TIME. MereHume Media Celebrities are the same only

worse, for a lower prole-class than pseudo-intellectual "politics," and

comparisons of the visual design of She-Robot Type 17-A and She-Robot Type

17-B beggar description in their vicious mind-absorptive qualities.

Lets get our minds back in the gutter here, shall we?

-Peter Hipwell-