Date: Wed, 2 Oct 1996 17:34:52 -0700

From: fire ant collective <>

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Subject: Fuzzy animal bitterness


Recently, on a show on Comedy Central called 'the daily show', they

showed a clip of a park in China where people purchase baby chickens (cute

fuzzy yellow little 'chicks') and throw them into this big pond full of

voracious crocodiles, who promptly eat them. There were plenty of closeups of

these tiny little, helpless warm fuzzy little chicks, blinking their cute

little eyes, trying to stand up straight and get their bearings on a lily pad,

shivering and looking pathetic and even cuter with water and mud matting down

their little downy coat, when suddenly the enormous jaws of a Croc crunch

down upon their uncomprehending little bodies, and rip, grind and puncture

them into oblivion.


Needless to say I loved this.


Then a week later they had to do an editorial about it, because there

were so many complaints from viewers offended by seeing chickens get

slaughtered. The writers of the show pointed out wryly (with clips

of muddy, pathetic chinese children and protestors in Tienamen square being

slaughtered) that the Chinese government does a lot worse things than kill 5

cents a dozen baby chickens, much of which is indirectly

subsidized by American consumers purchasing zillions of dollars of chinese

goods, much of which is manufactured in slave labor (just look at the latest

cheap electronic gadget, shoe, or plastic gew-gaw you have purchased, and you

will probably see 'made in China' on it...)


Thats not all they make. In China, they sell the organs of Prisoners

to wealthy transplant patients, make the deal and THEN shoot them. People

ignore hell on earth hapily, and even partipate in it, but let them have to

witness some stupid mindless beast being hurt, suddenly they are bunch of

bleeding hearts.


Something similar happened in the sixties once. Some Yippies made a

public announcement that they were going to napalm a puppy in protest of the

vietnam war. Thousands of angry people showed up to kill the depraved long

hairs, who had at last gone too far. But it turned out they werent going to

napalm anything, it was just a publicity stunt to get you thinking about

Vietnamese villagers (and, one has to assume, many of their village animals)

being napalmed by our government on a daily basis. Naturally nobody gave a

crap about that and the crowd dispersed, grumbling.


You know what? I got news for you people. Animals arent going to do

so well in general if we let our governments become totally diabolical, any

more than people are. This sentimental, phony idolitry

of stinking, flea infested critters to the explicit exclusion of having any

concern for the lives of people, is a kind of social and intellectual disease.

You people want to tuck their head in the sand and cower in your cubicles

fawning all over your dogs and cats 'because people suck', 'animals don't

judge you', etc.


The truth is idiots form depraved emotional bonds with their neurotic

animals because they are too stupid and weak minded to grasp, let alone

responsibly deal with, the real world. Yes I said Neurotic. Do you know that

in the United States and estimated 400,000 pet cats and dogs are currently

being medicated with PROSAC and other similar mind scrambling drugs due to

'depression' and other 'personality disorders'?


You idiots!


You have so many pets that their offspring swarm unwanted across our

every city, starving to death, spreading and suffering from disease, living

lives of misery and torture, while you feed your own personal animal

'companion' $5 cans of dog food, $10 a box doggie treats, $20 catnip toys,

and adorn them with sweaters, little houses, jeweled collars, manicures,

pedicures, and $100 per month Prosac perscriptions.


One day people in the third world who are forced to subsist on incomes

considerably less than what you spend on your stupid dog or cat are going to

cut your throat and eat you and your dog, and you will have diserved it.

Every year in the United States hundreds of millions of dollars are spent on

the Veterinary medical industry to prolong the lives of essentially mindless

beasts which only live eight or ten years anyway. Dogs and cats get heart

surgery, eye surgery, cosmetic surgery, New Age spiritual surgery, while EVEN

IN THIS COUNTRY millions of PEOPLE go without adequate medical care, archaic

diseases like Tuburculosis and Typhoid and Dyptheria are spreading in our

inner cities, due to cut backs in basic public health measures...


But why should you care? Your mutant minature mutt is nice and

friendly, and so cute the way he yips and nips and does little flips, and

people are mean and bad and want to hurt you. He communicates his past

lives to you with mystical Chihuaha ESP, and thinks funny jokes. So why care?


Because exactly that. You can torment thousands of stray animals through

neglect in your cities for a thousand centuries, and they aren't

going to do ANYTHING about it. They are stupid animals. They CANT do

anything about it. Ever. But you keep harassing people like that, it can

come back to haunt you.


To put it in an ethical or moral sense, no canary will ever write a

beautiful symphony, no mangy cat will ever discover the cure for cancer, but

the two or three Billion people who's lives are essentially squashed, could

have. More people than lived on this planet throughout the whole Golden Age

of ancient Greece will live and die in miserable illiteracy, disease and

starvation in one generation today, just so much wasted potential. But this

probably doesn't bother the typical animal fancier too much, ("...people make

fun of my lisp and my bedwetting, but innocent animals love me no matter what!")

so let me put it on a more practical level:


A dog is never going to form a gang or a revolutionary cell and hunt

you down. No dog will ever shoot anybody, or burn down your neighborhood, or

kidnap you, make a bomb and blow up your house. But pissed off people will.


Whats more, diseases spreading among the dog population arent likely to effect

humans, but you let the black plague and aids and god knows what

kind of megalo-super-hantavirus breed in your cities, eventually somebody you

know is going to go downtown & get a hooker, and then next thing you know your

neighborhood paperboy is going to be yelling 'bring out your dead!'


Not that I actually hate animals or anything. Animals are great,

especially in the wild or at least semi-wild environment, they can be

symbiotic, help you rid your home of vermin, eat scraps, guard the place,

even share affection. Nothing wrong with that. But it's the hyppocrisy and

waste that just KILLS ME. You know how many tons of food is fed to pets every

year while people starve all over the world? Whats more, if they showed you

how they make that pet food on Comedy Central you would

be writing angry letters again, nobody wants to see 'Roany the friendly horse'

ground up and hacked to bits as soon as he gets too old for the racetrack, and

made into Jello Brand Jelletin and Elmers glue and yes, Dog Food. Even I

don't want to look at that, it's SICK. Poor old horsy stuffed into so many

alpo cans. So wheres the beef? Well, the point of this rambling rant

is simply this: If you want to be completely insulated from the whole world

and not care

about anything, ok, so be it. But don't come whining to me about fuzzy little

old yeller getting whacked in the woods, or some kind of farkn' fur farms,

because I'm going to puke right into your smarmy face out of pure disgust.


Whats more, try selling that crap down in Sowetto, or in some nightmarish

inhabited garbage dump in Guatemala, or on the streets of Calcutta, any of

these places where 2/3rds of humanity are systematically impovrished in

order to support your rich overlords, and to a lesser extent, your own absurd

lifestyle, including your pet food, vet visits, doggie harnesses and pet toys.


Because those people won't think it's too funny.


And whats more, I'd really like to see you trapped somewhere in the

woods, with a bunch of wild animals. Go and pet that Grizzly bear, see how

much he likes you. Observe his noble animal tendancy to eat his own young,

spray shit everywhere, gnaw on his infested ass, right after he pulls out your

intestines and your spleen with one casual swipe of his paw. And guess what,

your pets don't like you any more than that bear does. The only difference

between them is that, if a bear is close enough to you and you don't have a

gun, he can murder you and so frequently does, because he instinctivley knows

that this is the right thing to do, he can smell you for the unnatural

aberration and living blob of hyppocricy that you are.


On the other hand your little meat slave living puppet doll creature

is too physically weak and too mindless to truly thwart your will. It

cravenly licks your hand even as you snap the demaning collar in place, but

don't fool yourself into thinking that means he likes you. Your pets cringe

when they hear your footsteps, they shudder in dusgust when you stroke and

carress them with clumsy enthusiasm (like Lenny) and repulsively erotic intimacy.


But they know where their bread is buttered and they have been selectivley

mutated to reinforce subservience and stupidity. This is why very few people

keep wolves or foxes or jaguars for pets.


But if you shrunk down to about eight inches tall, you would find out how

much your pet really likes you. You would see just how quick your darling cat

fluffy would knock you down, scratch out your eyes, and casually spend the day

torturing you to death, with all the compassion and warmth she shows toward a

mouse or a baby chicken. This is why your pets shit on your rug, pee on your

term paper, wake you up at night barking, barf on your pillow. They secretly

HATE you but they are so completely dominated, and so patheticaly

unimaginative and dull, that they simply cannot do anything about it.


Just like Christians who slaughtered and tortured and genocided in the

name of the murdered 'innocent', you allow your small remaining vestigas of

compassion and ethics to drain into the f everish obsession with your pets,

and the defence of animals. Institutional murder and torture of animals IS

bad, even dangerous to human society in a sociological sense, but the far

greater tragedy morally is the hundreds of millions of suppressed human lives

which are never allowed to develop into anything, but are insted stunted and

warped into slaves and beggars and victims.


Perhaps more importantly, the practical threat of astounding evil by

humans against humans is far more dangerous than even the most diabolical

government behavior control murder science on animals, because A) people will

do their god damndest to get you back for putting them in hell, and B) the

more evil, despotic, and wicked we let our governements and corporations

become toward people, the more likely they will seal us into some kind of

permanent slave empire, and neither you nor the animals are going to benefit

from that. Caligula will just put you both in the arena together to fight

each other for his amusement.


Just think about it people...

Drifter "Bob"